Monday, March 31, 2008

Derren Brown-The Invisible Man

Derren Brown-The Invisible Man


Joe said...

Whoa, awesome stuff. What a trip that guy must've been on.

By the way, LOVE the blog. Can't believe you're not getting more comments here. Keep up the great work!


Dedroidify said...

Yeah Derren Brown is awesome, you can learn a lot about consciousness by watching his stuff.

Thanks for the kind words, love your blogs too, the Jeezuz one is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

can't view the vid here, but...

The gambling show he did was pants cause there were so many holes in it, but on one of the earlier series he did one of the funniest things on TV ever - in which members of the public applied to be on the show, and there was one guy that got sort-of hypnotised by a mind control device, & it made him lose inhibitions; so he then dressed up and put on make-up and skipped and sang in Trafalgar Square.