Friday, March 28, 2008

Jokes on Wilders

I just wanna comment on how hopeful I find this hole situation that the world is reacting in indignation of this sad attempt to further demonize islam.

In case you were on some other planet or wisely avoid the mainstream media (:p), a dutch fascist called Geert Wilders made a retarded anti-western islamification movie, using retarded footage of the terrorist attacks, oops I mean the false flag operations carried out by white western governments to demonize muslims & invade their countries for their resources. I wonder if Wilders has investigated the attacks and is acting out of ignorance or following an agenda. There was only one protest action in the Netherlands yesterday, some kids with a banner saying "Wilders is a zionist" hehe, excellent.

Wilders is part of the political party "the Party of Freedom" who once said: "people are equal but cultures are not." lol. Political leaders, internet forums and almost any source you can find is finding this movie something rather sad. Wilders has failed completely and is looking like a Cosmic Schmuck! Nice going.

Makes me think of the movie Powder again, the "outcasts" always seem much more human than the judging and condeming outcasters.

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