Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pinback - Syracuse

One of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands. Used to be on the front page of a long time, now moved to "the path page." Gotta love that water, symbolizing the unconscious and all ;).

Pinback - Syracuse

Step down into sand
Water carries us from here

Ishtar - O Julissi Na Jalini

This is the Belgian (I'm from Belgium) entry for Eurosong 2008. I'm glad cause all the other entries were retarded commercial bs like so many Eurosong entries which has made the event such a laughing stock. The group Ishtar (Babylonian goddess of fertility, love, and war) performs traditional European folk songs and this song is entirely in a non-existant, made up language (I guess that makes it exist now :p). It's a happy song! If you're gonna go Eurosong why not go silly all the way right?! :p

Ishtar - O Julissi Na Jalini

Brass Eye & Bill Hicks - Drugs and the Media

Brass Eye & Bill Hicks - Drugs and the Media

Quantum physics and Consciousness

Quantum physics and Consciousness

Robert Anton Wilson: Real Reality

Robert Anton Wilson: Real Reality

Alan Watts: Forget His Story - Find Your Own

Alan Watts: Forget His Story - Find Your Own

Samadhi Tank - Origins - John C. Lilly MD

The inventor John C. Lilly MD

In the isolation tank, Dr. Lilly found that he could relax his mind and dream, but his consciousness was always there, ready to take charge. He could choose to relax and let things happen, in which case the images would free-associate, moving as if randomly from one to the next. Or he could choose to program what would happen, in a process similar to lucid dreaming, but with an even greater degree of control. He could invent a scenario ahead of time with his consciousness fully focused, and then relax and let his brain carry out the program.

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Go with your gut – intuition is more than just a hunch

Most of us experience ‘gut feelings’ we can’t explain, such as instantly loving – or hating – a new property when we’re househunting or the snap judgements we make on meeting new people. Now researchers at Leeds say these feelings – or intuitions – are real and we should take our hunches seriously.

According to a team led by Professor Gerard Hodgkinson of the Centre for Organisational Strategy, Learning and Change at Leeds University Business School, intuition is the result of the way our brains store, process and retrieve information on a subconscious level and so is a real psychological phenomenon which needs further study to help us harness its potential.

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Occult Podcasts

Thought some of you might like this: Occult Podcast Directory

Twenty of the World's Healthiest Foods

One indicator of intelligence is your level of dependency to instant self-gratification, yeah junkfood seems to taste good, though you feel like crap afterwards. Healthy food tastes great and makes you feel that way afterwards too.

When it comes to eating healthy most people think of dull, boring food that's green in color. In reality, most of the world's healthiest foods not only taste great, they also come in a vast array of vibrant colors. Many require little, if any preparation, yet provide you with the energy and stamina to get through the day. They are the ultimate fast food!

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B&W America

Lou Dobbs on the Alex Jones Show

Lou Dobbs on the Alex Jones Show (Pt. 1)

Lou Dobbs on the Alex Jones Show (Pt. 2)

"What we have permitted in allowing the Bush administration to have effectively further reduced our sovereignty and respect for our laws and certainly regard for our borders and our ports - it's been a shameless, shameless period in American history that we're going to have to reverse," Dobbs told the Alex Jones Show.

Dobbs said that if people did not wake up to the unfolding North American Union agenda as well as the Trans Texas Corridor under the banner of the Security and Prosperity partnership, then America could "kiss its future goodbye."

The CNN host said that the New World Order could be defeated, but only if the American people awakened and did it soon.

"If the American people awaken we can do anything we choose."

Health Professionals Call for End to Water Fluoridation

Health Professionals Call for End to Water Fluoridation

Thanks ConspiracyRealityTV

Sorry, what?

People wanna Jail the Soldier who killed a puppy by throwing it off the cliff.

Ok... what about the soldiers that kill, wound & torture fellow humans? Oh "it's their job!" And "Iraqis aren't as cute as puppies." Sorry was trying to apply logic to consensus reality again haha!


Just so you know


Earthships: Get off the Grid

Earthships: Get off the Grid 1

Earthships: Get off the Grid 2

Google and the Myceliation of Consciousness, expanded

From the (no longer, for a second) inactive (thanks to this :p ...) The Faithful Scribe blog
Think of the psychedelics as Google’s biggest trade secret. From this perspective, the War on Drugs is a feature, not a bug. It keeps the straight CEOs woefully uninitiated and misinformed, making their moves based on old slow mind-software (natural language, logic, rational analysis) when the real world is moving far too fast and complexly to rely on these tools alone. Corporate and government drug-testing steers away the cognitively enhanced creatives from private and public service. Meanwhile the phreaks employ the cognitive catalysts, de-condition their thinking periodically and come up with “12 Waddington runnel jumpers” This heady concept is explicated in podcasts 65 and 66 of the Psychedelic Salon—from the McKenna, Abraham, Sheldrake trialogues. The runnel jumpers are the really big connectivity ideas arrived at wholly outside the linear steps of argument. These are the gestalt-perceiving, asterism-forming aha’s! that connect the dots and light up the sky with a new archetypal pattern. The psychedelics are ancient methods of knowledge acquisition, newly deployed. The original search engines, you might say. Taxonomies and to-do lists are way way way down the line.

Google is the first psychedelically informed superpower to shape the noosphere and NASDAQ. I don't mean that Googlers (necessarily) are all seasoned psychonauts, or (necessarily) take 4:20 breaks on-campus, or are well represented (necessarily) at Burning Man. Nor am I saying that psychedelics “caused” Google, any more than a Stanford education did. I do mean that the core mission comes right out of the psychedelic atlas: a vision of super-connectivity and super-conductivity which is a hallmark of the psychedelic landscape.

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Collapse of World Economic System?

George Noory & Sean David Morton - Collapse of World Economic System?

But moooom, I don't want a microchip in my body :(

They can't even make technology outside your body function right yet,
can they focus on that first? ;p

UFOs buzz by the ISS

UFOs buzz by the ISS

Kevin Smith on Religion & Movies

Kevin Smith on Religion & Movies

Tripping Elephant to teach children about Microcosms

Horton Hears a Who
is coming out in theaters this month as a cgi feature with lots of celebrity voices. For those of you who haven't read it, it is about an obviously high elephant who discovers an entire universe on the top of a flower and starts communicating with them.

Thanks DoseNation

A History of Evil

A History of Evil
From the vid info: Animated Documentary-Mockumentary about Evil in western civilization from Ancient Greece to present day. This video is intended to show what people have believed in and pointed to as evil throughout history. It was meant to get you to think about what evil really is. It is meant to show that when we get too obsessed with "evil" we might end up taking part in it ourselves. One has to separate evil and human cruelty. Human cruelty is people not being nice to one another. Evil is something else, it is something we have created, a word and a concept for things that are not acceptable. It is a label for things that we do not understand and dont want to understand. But is evil really ever a complete explanation for anything? A lot of bad deeds has been done in the name of good. The people that did them meant good, are they evil? (Like the Inquisition? I wouldn't call 'em good, or intelligent :p)

Mandatory disclaimer for the average genius... :p
This video is not meant to:
-blame wester culture and people for all the “evil” in the world. I’m european, and thought that I better stick to my own history.
-blame religion for all the evil in the world.
-claim that God is dead. (It is simply a reference to the philosopher Nietzsche, look him up.)
-offend anyone, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.
-claim that Elvis was evil.
-be an exact and complete account of the actual events that has taken place throughout history.

Thanks Illuminati Archives

Propaganda techniques - SourceWatch

From SourceWatch

Propagandists use a variety of propaganda techniques to influence opinions and to avoid the truth. Often these techniques rely on some element of censorship or manipulation, either omitting significant information or distorting it.

Esoteric Science Roundtable - Occult Warfare

Esoteric Science Roundtable - Occult Warfare (sound starts again at 3rd minute)

Check out more vids from Esoteric Science Roundtable

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Until we take it to the Streets again we are Invisible & Meaningless

I found this on a social networking site, link to official poster isn't working so sorry! I'm ironically spreading this on the internets. I think there's a lot of truth in this, I was recently inspired by an Abbie Hoffman interview on his prankster activism and would like to do more that kinda stuff, spread memes where people least expect it and make them think. And while we're doing that, we're outside :p Either way, sitting by and doing nothing is not an option. And while we're in the information age, I guess the computer is a helpful tool for acquiring & spreading information, but preaching to the choir helps nobody:

The move towards isolationism and sluths of non activity - the computer generation?

Get Off The Internet

There are two classes of people in government and the media. They are either complicit or brainwashed...or both. Now, here is a big shock for you!
The internet is part of the "media". It's an inter-active boob tube.

You Tube

People like us were much more active and effective when we had to actually go out and fight for peace 40 years ago. We could not and would not be ignored or intimidated. Now, those of us who are still "Passionate for Peace" and "Fighting for Freedom" bulletin and blog for "The Revolution" but we are all just "preaching to the choir" and no one can see us but ourselves.

Like with Ron Paul... we all thought we were making a difference by burning up the web for him. When he ran for President back in 1988, he got 8 percent of the vote without the internet. With it, he got 5 percent and never made it to election day.


We have a false and inbred view of our power to change things now because we assume that since we all agree here, people everywhere are thinking the same as us.

John McCain

The fact that an evil little CFR troll like McCain is now unopposed for the Republican nomination while the straw dogs Clinton and Obama divide the democrats right down the middle should tell you something. Once again, the corporate military powers that be have managed to leave us with only their "candidates" to "vote" for again and no matter who "wins", we will stay at war forever with vanishing civil liberties and protections in order to "quell domestic dissent" and "fight terror". Until we all decide to take it to the streets again, we are invisible and meaningless.


The internet may just be part of their plan to keep us inside and "manageable" the same way that TV has for the last 30 years. If we really were a threat, they could and would unplug the internet faster than you can say "9/11 Was An Inside Job!".


After 6 years of waving one smoking 9/11 gun after another for all to see all across the world wide web, have you noticed that the government and media are laughing themselves silly at us... and not one person who was really responsible has been investigated, charged, prosecuted or punished?


Warnings about chemtrails, Neo-Fascism, the deconstruction of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, false flag attacks, the NAU, poison vaccines, fluoride in our water, chemicals in our food, 800 plus domestic detention FEMA/HS camps, depleted uranium munitions, the Federal Reserve and the dying economy, "Global Warming"(scam), fixed and controlled elections, mainstream media dis-info, etc etc abound and no one outside of us "tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists" has a clue or gives a shit. Check out the Google/YouTube "Top 100" or the number of porn sites on the web and you will have a fuller grasp of what the internet is really designed to keep us indoors, isolated, distracted or under the illusion that we still have "Free Speech" and can make a difference from our keyboards.


After a million bulletins, blogs and messages to save the world and stop the madness, I just ain't buying it anymore. We've been had... again! The war mongering "defense contracting" dog bombers and puppy tossers won and we finished a distant second looking like one of those kids from the "Special Olympics", all smiling and goofy!

special olympics

added: D'you know why? Check nearly any forum or internet discussion, people's BS (belief systems) will make them ignore everything that supports the opponents points, and will search for whatever confirms his/hers. Making for a retarded read.