Friday, December 5, 2008

ZOE7: Mind Machines, Entheogens, and the Expansion of Consciousness”

Podcast 038 - Mind Machines, Entheogens, and the Expansion of Consciousness”

Zoe7 is a multi-dimensional synergy personality cluster who inhabits the body and mind of consciousness researcher, Joseph Marti. (The other five personalities are: Max McCullan, Ebhrious, Jiebro, Kzark Prestidius, and Lee Steel.) His book, Into The Void Exploring Consciousness, Hyperspace and Beyond Using Brain Technology, Psychedelics and Altered-Mind States, depicts Marti’s experiments with mind machines, entheogens, and psychological time travel, how the Zoe7 cluster came to be, as well as new theories on parallel universes and probable Earths, the mechanics of reality and existence, and the mind of God.

From Psychedelic Salon

disclaimer: combining psychedelics is not advised for the beginners or intermediates, and should be done only a few times a year. I've talked to one person who claimed his entire "lightbody was burned up" after doing much (insane) combining and his immune system was so out of wack the doctors didn't know what to do with him.

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Auberon Barnable said...

This is an amazing lecture. I myself have been experimenting with the Monroe Institute's "Hemi-Sync" audio technology for the past few months and it definitely works. I never thought to combine it with an entheogen. His research is definitely on the edge. I'm going to have to listen to this again.