Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Integral Praxis

Integral Praxis is the offical homepage of the Integral Research Group .

The Integral Research Group (IRG) is an innovative and critically informed non-profit participatory-research and development venture. IRG is dedicated to providing an integrative & critical analysis of the major issues of contemporary life. Our staff & associates conduct research into all aspects of human life and potential - while designing practical applications and projects that address the needs of various organizations, local communities and individuals.

Integral Praxis will provide important information, resources and perspectives - while facilitating a wider dialogue within the integral culture. Integral Praxis will feature original articles, research and leading edge initiatives engaging a wide variety of contemporary issues. Integral Praxis will also continue to be a source for relevant material on integral theory, applications and community.

PLEASE NOTE: Our posts and content reflect the interests of IRG and our associates - independent of any other organization or group.


Email us at: integralpraxis@gmail.com - for information, submissions or to LEARN MORE about this project. Thank you.

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