Thursday, March 21, 2013

Adria Richards gets a guy fired for a joke, gets fired herself

Apparently this... "Developer Evangelist" Adria Richards (this what now?) got a guy fired for making a joke at a tech conference. I guess his employer overreacted to this woman's overreaction. In the end she got fired herself by her own employer because of the situation. As the guy who got fired apologized and was gracious about it, explaining he was not happy to lose his job that he liked, especially supporting 3 kids. Some people on that facebook post are taking internet comments, as usual, too far though... A great example, in the most horrible way, of Belief System BS being emotional rather than rational, internet comments - oh dear. Obviously she got heaps of shit because of it, for instance at Next Level Nerds, especially cause she was making her own dick jokes on twitter while at the conference. She wanted attention, she sure got it. Here! Have some more! Justice served!

Correction: * jokes belong everywhere. 

And because I can't be the only one: A technologist or technology evangelist is a person who attempts to build a critical mass of support for a given technology, in order to establish it as a technical standard in a market that is subject to network effects. Professional technology evangelists are often employed by firms who seek to establish their proprietary technologies as de facto standards, or to participate in setting non-proprietary open standards. Non-professional technology evangelists may act out of altruism or self-interest (e.g., to gain the benefits of early adoption or the network effect).

The rat race just gets sillier all the time! That's a job right there, with millions unemployed all over the world, there are people doing this for a living.

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