Friday, March 8, 2013

The Source Family

ROFL, this guy had an awesome life and death: "On August 25, 1975, despite having no previous hang-gliding experience, YaHoWha used a hang glider to leap off a 1300-foot cliff on the eastern shore of Oahu. He successfully flew his kite but crash-landed on the beach and died nine hours later. After three days of vigil, YaHoWha was cremated."

I'd join/start a cult if I weren't allergic to followers of any kind! JK I'm too lazy to start anything.


drelena said...

This was an amazing journey for those of us who were with Yahowha and lived in The Source Family. I hope you can see the film depicting part of our time with him. There are showings all over the country. See you at the LA showings!

Dr. Elena Michaels
Electra Aquarian (in the film)

Dedroidify said...

Cool! Thanks for dropping a note here!