Friday, March 29, 2013

Grimskunk in Ostend, Belgium tonight

Gutted because I'll probably miss the wonderful progressive multilingual world punkrock band Grimskunk performing one town away from where I live tonight! My legs would not handle standing up for an evening after working 2 long days, the parking lot there will be full cause of the arriving tourists for easter vacation, nobody to go along with even though I'll know some people there, and I have a delivery to pick up tonight somewhere else iykwim, yes I've picked up my relationship with Mary Jane again :p Here are four amazing songs from the amazing album Fieldtrip to share the love though! These next songs are respectively in Arab, 2x Spanish and English. They also sing in French and Greek. Tbh I only know a few songs here and there from the other albums but this one I played endlessly starting from around age 18.


John Anderson said...

Wow....ive not heard from them in a long time..since the 90's. Hey...Members of the band had a cottage across the lake from me when I was a kid (Quebec-lac bitibi). My friend and neighbor Tammy, was buddies w/ them. I was a shy kid...and teenager so i never went over to the other side of the lake, thus never met them. its possible I saw them once or twice on my side of the lake. a teen Tammy told me they were in a band called Grim was not until the 90's i actually heard them play when one of their songs went mainstream. True Story

Dedroidify said...

Cool! Their album Field Trip was liked by a lot of ppl over here, really love loads of their songs and still have to give their (big) discography a listen, have it ready though and have listened to some of it already. Really recommend it to anyone, especially Field Trip.