Saturday, March 23, 2013

Where do we get in touch with each other nowadays?

I remember the days when I was posting myspace bulletins before I created this blog. I remember chatting on the amazing in the little chatbox at the bottom as Prisoner627 role playing how I'd be able to escape, until the webmaster changed the chatbox to bots channeling RAW, Terence, etc having a pretty random convo with each other. Which is also pretty cool, yet I miss having easy access talking to people. A lot of you guys have e-mailed me and I've had very interesting conversations with you but eventually the communication dies out somehow, I still have most of those e-mails by the way! What an archive! And the address is dedroidify at hotmail dot com for anyone who wants to say hi.

Now I'm wondering, where do conscious people communicate nowadays? Am I gonna have to set up my own chatroom and/or forum somewhere? Or do you have some suggestions for me? I'd really appreciate it, which forums/chatrooms/social networks/websites in general do you use? Does anyone use the site and what do you think of it? Would it be useful to add a Dedroidify page to an existing social network? Which one? Thanks in advance for your input!


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

All good questions.
Personally I don't use Facebook or Twitter,but have no objections to

Dedroidify said...

Hey Darren, Facebook could be an option though I'm not gonna repost everything, maybe even twitter for short musings. I might give evolver a try too.

I'm just trying to reach out more since I don't know anyone in person to talk about conscious stuff to around me. I wanna get more creative in the near future and being able to communicate with likeminded people can only help I reckon.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Sounds good,though I'm still not keen on Facebook.
I could re-open a Twitter account I guess?

Unknown said...

Shroomery and dmtnexus have agreat forums full of open minded conscious people.

Dedroidify said...

Ah sorry Darren I was thinking out loud sorta in that last comment ;p We can already get in touch here and through e-mail so you don't have to open an account if you don't want to bud.

AUMosaurus! I just visualised a t-rex meditating haha. Thanks, I'll check those sites out. Dmtnexus opening page looks saweet!

ludi8vine said...

I for one would love to talk about everything you've put together on your website to anyone who is interested. I've tried to convey some of the ideas to others, but usually they are uninterested or it goes over their heads. The people who are interested don't put too much effort into learning more, so the conversations are rather one-sided. I'm also not keen on FB; trying to muster the courage to get rid of mine all together. I also haven't tried twitter and I'm not sure if I would enjoy using it. seems nice though. I personally use tumblr but I wouldn't say it's the best venue for conversation. I would prefer a chat room or forum.

Dedroidify said...

Hiya, thanks for sharing.

I agree. Trying to talk about this stuff to others is like starting a convo with "have you accepted jesus christ as your personal lord and saviour?" lol.

The same is true for conscious people, a lot of conversations seem to be one-sided in that people are just talking about what they already know and parrot that. Which is why most of my e-mail convos die out.

I'm not sure about twitter either, it's rather short and for personal use I'd never use it, but maybe it could be amusing to throw a quote or insight there. My personal facebook I'd never use for this either. I guess I'll have to give evolver a try soon!

A chat room or forum would be nice though I'll have to find how to be able to set that up. I'll talk about it with my webhost maybe.

I'll check out shroomery and dmtnexus first too though.