Sunday, March 10, 2013


Dear reddit atheists, get over yourselves. Yes, you're intellectually superior for picking a less retarded belief system than a religious one. About this more intelligent and just about as close minded. Basically you picked another color, that looks a bit cooler. Good for you.
It's possible though how retarded would reality, the overmind and any dieties be if this model was real. I mean the world(s)-model not this supermodel. I'm not saying it's not possible, I'm not one to overestimate anyone's intelligence.
Yes, thanks Jack. Another drink?
 LOL, well there's a difference, Bush destroyed hope and turned me into a conspiracy nut fearing the worst. At least the future doesn't seem so bleak now.
Anyone watch House of Lies? This phony manager woman mispronounced Namaste at a retreat, the show is pretty cool. Marty Kaan motherfuckers.

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Unknown said...

Queue Atheists arguing that you don't understand the definition of Atheism and misunderstand their position.