Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Robert Anton Wilson Lecture - The H.E.A.D. Revolution

Oh haven't seen this before! My day is made! (update: though seemingly I've posted it also last november, blast my memory!!!)

The HEAD Revolution - Hedonic Engineering And Development - began with the psychedelics and bio-feedback machines of the 1960's, then graduated to Lilly float tankes, scientific study of yoga, and neo-reichian body relaxation and neuro-awareness teques. Describing the latest brain-change machines, Dr. Wilson argues that Hedonic Engineering has come of age and we are the first generation in history to have the capacity to tap the full potentials of our brains and graduate from humanity to superhumanity.

RAW lecture given on 03/04/1988, at the First Unitarian Universalist Church in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

See the comments for the explanation of the above image. I took a test http://www.selectsmart.com/RELIGION/ about which religion/BS i subscribe to, and I can't really express in words just how funny and apt I find it that I crashed the application!


Unknown said...

Sync Ahoy! i just became aware of Unitarian Universalism less than two days ago after doing this (http://www.selectsmart.com/RELIGION/) test on my 'spiritual type'. whatever the quiz does, the results come back as a % of compatibility for 27 different religious ideals, and UU was my no.1 with 100%.

I'd never heard of the movement before but reading about them since has been inspiring as hell. wish there was a church near me, i'd worship* in a heartbeat :)


* lol, i've no idea how that works, do you? they seem to incorporate everyone from orthodox jews and muslims to atheists and buddhists.

Dedroidify said...

Heya, LOL my answers crashed the application! Yay!

To be honest I wasn't aware of the Unitarian Universalism myself, I'm gonna start by exploring the wikipedia page. They're interesting as they seem to throw everything together in a big stew.

Personally I don't know how worship works in general, I fail to see a positive aspect of worship. The label I can somewhat mostly identify with is Discordianism - which only mockingly worships Eris (I really don't worship her, sometimes I find she can be a bit of a cunt even!), what I like most about discordianism is the creed "discordians stick apart".

But I will be learning more about UU today, thanks for the comment, really enjoyed that!