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3 Binah - Understanding (Spiritual Love - Awareness) - Faith

Chokmah & Binah = Apposition of Form and Force

Binah & Chokmah = Parents, mature beings who have mated and reproduced, reproduction - as compared to the magnetic sexual attraction relationship of Yesod & Netzach

Understanding conveys to us the idea of a penetration into their (accumulated knowledge and infinite series of images in the memory) significance, a power to perceive their essence and interrelation, which is not necessarily implicit in wisdom, taken as intellectual knowledge.
The Great Mother, Sphere of Saturn (the Giver of Form)
Saturn connects through his sickle with Death wish his Scythe, and Time with his hour-glass.
In Binah we find the root form
Stability (!) and Endurance
Visuddhu Chakra Larynx
The Madonna, especially the black madonna, isis, hegate, babalon, selene
day of the week: Saturday, color: black . jewel: star sapphire, pearl. plant: cypress, opium, poppy. perfume: myrrh, animal: woman
Sedatives are assigned to Binah.
TITLE: Binah, Understanding. (Hebrew spelling:Beth, Yod, Nun, He'.)
MAGICAL IMAGE: A mature woman. A matron.
SITUATION ON THE TREE: At the bead of the Pillar of Severity in the
Supernal Triangle.
YETZIRATIC TEXT: The Third Intelligence is called the Sanctifying
Intelligence, the Foundation of Primordial Wisdom; it is also called the Creator of
Faith, and its roots are in Amen. It is the parent of faith, whence faith emanates.
TITLES GIVEN TO BINAH: Ama, the dark sterile Mother. Aima, the bright
fertile Mother. Khorsia, the Throne. Marab, the Great Sea.
GOD-NAME: Jehovah Elohim.
ARCHANGEL: Tzaphkiel.
ORDER OF ANGELS: Aralim, Thrones.
MUNDANE CHAKRA: Shabbathai, Saturn.
VIRTUE: Silence.
VICE: Avarice.
CORRESPONDENCE IN MICROCOSM: The right side of the face.
SYMBOLS: The Yoni. The Kteis. The Vesica Piscis. The cup or chalice. The
Outer Robe of Concealment.
TAROT CARDS: The four Threes.
THREE OF WANDS: Established Strength.
THREE OF CUPS: Abundance.
THREE OF PENTACLES: Material works.
IN BRIAH: Black.
YETZIRAH: Dark brown.
ASSIAH: Grey flecked pink.
VIRTUE: Silence
VICE: Avarice

It will thus be seen that if Kether, the source of all being is conceived of as the highest good, as it inevitably must he, and the nature of Kether is kinetic and its influence is for ever inclined towards Chokmah, it inevitably follows that Binah, the opposite of Chokmah, the perpetual opposer of the dynamic impulses, will be regarded as the enemy of God, the evil one. Saturn-Satan is an easy transition; and so is Time-Death-Devil. Implicit in the ascetic religions such as Christianity and Buddhism is the idea that woman is the root of all evil, because she is the influence which holds men to a life of form by their desires. Matter is regarded by them as the antinomy of spirit in an eternal, unresolved duality.
Saturn is the resister; but, being a resister, he is also a stabiliser and tester who does not allow us to trust our weight to that which will not bear it. It is an illuminating point that the Thirty-second Path, which leads from Malkuth to Yesod and is the first Path trodden by the soul striving upwards, is assigned to Saturn. He is the god of the most ancient form of matter. The Greek myth of Chronos, which is simply the Greek name for the same principle, looks upon him as one of the Old Gods; that is to say, the Gods that made the Gods.

The principles of maleness and femaleness as manifested in Chokmah and Binah represent more than mere positivity and negativity, activity and passivity. Chokmah, the All-begetter, is a vehicle of primal force, the immediate manifestation of Kether. It is, in fact, Kether in action; for the different Sephiroth do not represent different things, but different functions of the same thing, i.e. pure force welling lip into manifestation from the Great Unmanifest which is behind the Negative Veils of Existence. Chokmah is pure force, even as the expansion of petrol as it explodes in the combustion-chamber of an engine is pure force. But just as this expansive force would expand and be lost if there were no engine to transmit its power) so the undirected energy of Chokmah would radiate into space and be lost if there were nothing to receive its impulse and utilise it. Chokmah explodes like petrol; Binah is the combustion-chamber; Gedulab and Geburah are the back and forth strokes of the piston.

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