Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Secret teachers" inspire me... to dropkick them in the mouth

The Great Work: This is really hard to watch, like any Secret bs video, I'm really disappointed that Lon Milo DuQuette associated his name with the Secret. Has some nice graphics though and explains some basic symbolism. I really wanna dropkick John Demartini or however the f his name is written in the face. One gem from him is "you're not wealthy because your values are wrong, so spend 3 months writing 5000 reasons why you wanna be wealthy." Yeah you can actually do a lot with that time to actually make money lol, he also has names for the most retardedly simple things, what a great doctor he is, making up shit. Then there's the couple of "doctors" that say organ cleansing releases repressed emotions, and a few other bozos pimping whatever they're selling. Wtf Lon.

Added: the second part was a lot better, I'll post about it tomorrow.
update: found the full vid.


Leif said...

It's sad that people accept the simplicity of the Secret philosophy, it's so emotionally banal I wanna roundhouse those soothsaying scalliwags.

Silent Otto said...

Ha ha if you exude greed, you are bound to evoke his cousin , poverty. Why sould anyone stand in the way of these simpletons who want to become intimate with poverty. Perhaps it is integral to their journey !