Tuesday, March 27, 2012

7 Netzach - Victory (Feelings)

Third Trinity: Netzach, Hod, Yesod - Astral

Venus, Green Nature Ray, Elemental force, Initiation of Emotions, Instinct, a Kinetic Force. the Mystic.
Represents highest aspects of elemental forces.
Goddesses: Venus, Aphrodite, hathor, freya, nike (winged victory). Day: Friday. Color: Emerald. Jewel: Emerald. Plant: Rose. Perfume: Benzoin, rose, red sandal. Animal: Lynx.
TITLE: Netzach, Victory. (Hebrew spelling: Nun, Tzaddi, Cheth.)
MAGICAL IMAGE: A beautiful naked woman.
SITUATION ON THE TREE: At the foot of the Pillar of Mercy.
YETZIRATIC TEXT: The Seventh Path is called the Occult Intelligence because it is the refulgent splendour of the intellectual virtues which are perceived by the eyes of the intellect and the contemplations of faith.
GOD-NAME: Jehovah Tzabaoth (Lord of Hosts, God of Armies), The Lord of Hosts.
ORDER OF ANGELS: Elohim (rulers of Nature), Gods.
MUNDANE CHAKRA: Nogah(=hebrew Venus), Venus.
SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE: Vision of beauty triumphant.
VIRTUE: Unselfishness.
VICE: Unchastity. Lust.
SYMBOLS: Lamp and girdle. The rose.
TAROT CARDS: The four Sevens.
SEVEN OF WANDS: Valour. (spiritual love)
SEVEN OF CUPS: Illusory success.
SEVEN OF SWORDS: Unstable effort.
SEVEN OF PENTACLES: Success unfulfilled.
BRIAH: Emerald.
YETZIRAH: Bright yellowish green.
ASSIAH: Olive, flecked with gold.
Instinct and emotions
Netzach entities, use dance and sound to contact. Some form of sacrifice: incense.
Goddesses of Love = Comradership of men. Teacher = Pupil relationship.
Energy transmutes up and down the Pillar of Mercy
Firmness: masterful and victorious energy

ALWAYS CONSIDER NETZACH & HOD TOGETHER. Netzach: Artist. Beauty. & Hod: Scientist. Truth. Netzach and Hod represent the force and form aspects of astral consciousness respectively.
Hod then, may be taken as representing Chokmah and Chesed upon a lower arc, even as Netzach represents Binah and Geburah.
Netzach represents the force aspect, and Hod the form aspect of the Akasha.
In the sphere of Hod are performed all manner of magical operations in which the intellect istelf is brought to bear upon these tenuous and fleeting images to give them form and permanency. In the sphere of Netzach magical operations do not take place to any great degree; all god-forms in Netzach are worshipped by means of the arts, not conceived by the means of philosophies. Nevertheless, for all practical purposes it is impossible to separate the activities of Hod and Netzach, which are a functional pair. Form transmutes up and down the Pillar of Severity.

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