Thursday, March 29, 2012

9 Yesod - Foundation - The Subconscious

Astral Psychism. Netzach and Hod synthesise in Yesod.
Yesod gives understanding of life-force and its tidal modes of functioning. we enter deeply into psychic consciousness and touch the hidden life-forces of the earth and our own natures.
Sphere of Levanah, the moon, psychic consciousness, reproductive centre. Diana-Hecate.
Svadisthana Chakra, Six Petalled Lotus
Planet: The Moon. Gods: Diana, Selene, Shu, Ganesa, Hecate, All lunar Gods and Godesses.
Color: violet. Day: Monday. Jewel: Quartz. Plant: Banyan, mandrake, damiana. Perfume: Jasmine, Ginseng, all odoriferous roots. Animal: Elephant.
When the Masters are seen clairvoyantly as robed beings, the colours of whose robes indicate their ray, they are being perceived reflected into the sphere of Yesod, which is the kingdom of phantasms and hallucinations. We are treading on precarious ground when we have to meet the Masters here. It is here that the anthropomorphic form is given to the spiritual inspiration which so misleads those psychics who cannot rise to Chesed. It is thus that the announcement of a spiritual impulse flowing out upon the world gets interpreted as the coming of a World Teacher.
TITLE: Yesod, the Foundation. (Hebrew spelling: Yod, Samech, Vau, Daleth.)
MAGICAL IMAGE: A beautiful naked man, very strong.
SITUATION ON THE TREE: Towards the base of the Pillar of Equilibrium.
YETZIRATIC TEXT: The Ninth Path is called the Pure Intelligence because it purifies the Emanations. It proves and corrects the designing of their representations, and disposes the unity with which they are designed without
diminution or division.
GOD-NAME: Shaddai el Chai, the Almighty Living God.
ORDER OF ANGELS: Kerubim, the Strong.
MUNDANE CHAKRA: Levanah, the Moon.
SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE: Vision of the Machinery of the Universe.
VIRTUE: Independence.
VICE: Idleness.
SYMBOLS: The Perfumes and sandals.
TAROT CARDS: The four Nines.
NINE OF WANDS: Great strength.
NINE OF CUPS: Material happiness.
NINE OF SWORDS: Despair and cruelty.
NINE OF PENTACLES: Material gain.
BRIAH: Violet.
YETZIRAH: Very dark purple.
ASSIAH: Citrine, flecked with azure.
The sphere of the machinery of the universe. The engine room.
The all-important Sphere for any magic which is designed to take effect in the physical world.
Yesod is to Magic what Tiphareth is to Mysticism.
Yesod=Moon, Tiphareth=Sun, the Moon shines by borrowed light, reflected from the Sun, and the Sun may reveive its fiery energy from outer space, the Great Unmanifest.

Netzach & Yesod = magnetic sexual attraction relationship
Netzach, Hod and Yesod, form the Lower Triad, overshadowed by Tiphareth as the Lower Self is overshadowed by the Higher Self. The four lower Sephiroth form the Personality, or unit of Incarnation, of the Tree, the Higher Triad of Chesed, Geburah and Tiphareth form the Individuality, or Higher Self, and the Three Supernals correspond to the Divine Spark. The Triads are always represented, when once emanated and in equillibrium, as a Pair of Opposites manifesting in a Functional Third. In this, the Lower Triad, then, we find Netzach and Hod equilibriated in Yesod, which is conceived as receiving their emanations. But it also received the emanations of Tiphareth, and through Tiphareth, of Kether, because there is always a line of force working down a Pillar; consequently, as it received also from Netzach and Hod the influences that they in their turn have received from their respective Pillars, it may aptly be called, in the words of Qabalists, the Mystical Qabala "receptacle of the emanations"; and it is from Yesod that Malkuth receives the influx of the Divine forces.

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