Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lon Milo DuQuette - The Key to Solomon's Key

No it's really a book by Lon Milo DuQuette this time!

Sketching out a fascinating network of historic figures, cults, and Christendom, this book by an occult studies expert and respected authority on magic and sorcery takes western spiritual traditions seriously—but examines them with common sense and self-effacing humor. Working backward from the Freemasons to one of their original orders, the 14th-century Knights Templar, the account considers sorcery, heresy, and intrigues; explores the legend that the Knights possessed a powerful secret dangerous to the Church of Rome; and finds an essential clue to the order's practices in their connection to the biblical Solomon, king of Israel in the 10th century B. C.

Started reading this today then was surprised to notice I was already over 100 pages in and passed halfway! Fascinating book about the Knights Templar, freemasonry, biblical history, magick and all that other good stuff!


John Anderson said...

I quite enjoyed this book as well. Ive not tried anything from the Goetia but have done some Enochian...segway to...I recommend LMD's book on Enochian Magick next :-)

Dedroidify said...

I've paused around page 130 which starts on Geotic magick, as he recommends only to use the Goetic magick if all other means have been exhausted, since I'm still a beginner I'm going to immerse myself a bit in the correspondences of the tree of life first so I get a firm grasp of it.

John Anderson said...

Looks like you are on the right track and moving fast. Quite inspiring!