Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Archangels: Michael

In the South, Michael ('the Godlike') stands in full mid-day splendour, a familiar figure in armour, commonly pictured as spearing a symbolically evil monster. He shows the power of Light over Darkness, and is figured as being at the Right Hand of God. This in fact is his position at his Quarter of the Magical Circle to an East-facing Initiate. He is the Right Hand Angel who tells us what we ought to do, while his colleague on our left (Auriel) warns us what not to do. Michael appointed himself as mediator of Mankind before the Throne of God, and promised to stand by even the worst mortal as long as they had the slightest good in them. He is thus a Solar Angel. Occasionally he is shown on horseback, the horse being a Sun creature, and Apollo in the Sun-Chariot equates with an equestrian Michael.

It is Michael who cures diseases of humanity arising from unbalance and disorder of natural forces. He typifies our inherent longing to be 'Right' in every way, and if we ever achieve any degree of such an objective, it will be with his help. Michael's Key-Symbol is the Rod, or spear-staff, his period full noon, and his Season Summer. For that reason he is visualized with golden hair, brilliant blue eyes, a commanding voice, and a wholly admirable nature. The kind of superior officer whose orders would be obeyed without question, and in whom may be placed entire confidence. Michael is indeed the Grand Master of the Mysteries of the Light.

Fire is Michael's Element, and as might be expected, his colours align with Summer and Noon, being deep greens, vivid blues, bright yellows and the red of roses. His girdle or belt is golden-yellow, and there should be a Solar Symbol on his brazen breastplate. Usually his armour is quasi-Roman in type, with a kilt, but he may well be thought of sometimes in off-duty uniform. He is patron of sports, athletics, and open-air pursuits, and in his capacity of Judge of Souls, hopes for high standards of performance within the principles of fair play from humans.

Symbol: the Rod or Spear-staff
Element: Fire
Visualised with: golden hair, brilliant blue eyes, a commanding voice, and a wholly admirable nature
Colours: Summer and Noon, deep greens, vivid blues, bright yellows, red of roses
Clothing: solar symbol on his brazen breastplate, armour quasi-roman in type, with a kilt, sometimes in off-duty uniform
Girdle: golden-yellow
Patron of: sports, athletics, open-air pursuits, and in his capacity of judge of souls

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John Anderson said...

Ive been writing about the LBRP and the relationship you develop w/ the Archangels. Great post!