Sunday, June 29, 2008

Alan Watt Rejects the Alien Agenda Disinformation

Alan Watt Rejects the Alien Agenda Disinformation

I'm not a big fan of Alan Watt concerning his thoughts on consciousness, but I kinda agree with what he's saying in this vid. Though who knows, what if he's not being completely truthful? I've heard him fear mongering and being ignorant if not spreading disinfo too. Sheesh :p What if everyone's disinfo? :p Only trust your own research, and even then!

I liked this quote from the youtube comments:
I actually had tsarions first book. In the end he tells you that we sould all help to strengthen the "earth energy field". The earth could then "in her own mysteries ways" defeat the aliens.

I thought "Instead of praying to jesus/the sun we are now praying to gaia/the earth. Instead of waiting for jesus to save us, we are now waiting for gaia to save us."

After i read that i threw his book into the garbage can and started to listen to Alan Watt.


Michael Skaggs said...

Nice Post Dedroid! Excellent comment you made, you can trust your own research because you obviously don't believe anything/everything you research. :) I call it putting your own puzzle together, either way, trusting intuition is key. Peace brother!

Michael Skaggs said...

Wanted to add a P.S.--I have mentioned Tsarion in my articles and write ups and Maxwell and Icke, mainly due to the fact they have SOME pertinant info (like they do cover Bush and 9/11 and whats wrong with the Systems, and the symbolisms we have run across...) BUT I never once say I totally agree with them ;) Enigmas wrapped in truth many times over is what we run into!

Anonymous said...

Dude, Alan Watts talks about coniousness. Alan Watt is a totally different guy. He is pragmatic and deals mainly in provable research, stuff you can verify. He constantly references all the books on Todd Campbell's reading list, under the section "Know Thine Enemy" at

That's a bibliography that leaves no doubt in a researchers mind as to the problem at hand.

On the other hand, Alan Watt is a fear monger, no doubt and he was on Alex Jones last week. Wosers, Alan hasn't been on Red Ice since I mentioned all this to Palmgren brothers and that was a long time ago.

Dedroidify said...

Dude, I am talking about Alan Watt.

Here is some of his bs:
"psychedelics were released to induce mass psychosis and fragmented personalities which are easier to control"
guess that kinda backfired then

or this hilarious gem:
"Techno music was made because we'd be accustomed to it when the chips are inside our heads" :p
seriously? :p
he may be right about some of this stuff, but then their causes had unintended effects, and he seems generally ignorant about what's possible with consciousness.

And what is he doing on Alex Jones? Shit that must have been the episode of fear & no solutions. Alan Watt seems like another puppet to me. Geez I don't know why I bother even talking about these people anymore :p What a bunch of assholes, they couldn't think of any other career? If there's a thing like a soul how far are you tossing it away by doing this shit? ;p

It's like they're saying, we'll give them some christians, some atheists and some new agers, anything but someone who's interested in truth over the entire line. Must be easy too on a planet like this.

Anonymous said...

At this stage of the game of Earth (imminent change of one sort or another), everybody in the 'research' community should be measured by the quality of the solutions they offer to deal with this change, and I haven't heard many positive solutions from Alan Watt, just forecasts of doom and gloom, basically a 'loser' script.

macdaddy said...

allen watt on the intelstrike report program at
said on 18sept08 that sitchen is a liar and that he has been (allen)
approuched by the ufo agenda squad and asked to come aboard and he refused also I asked what oracle meant just to further expose some of the hosts over there and he basically said oracle (exoteric) means one who devines the future esoteric it means one who distributes the high priests agenda.Bam