Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Coming eventually: Symbolist tour of my City

Michael from Gosporn inspired me with his post Stop the Invasion! to check out my own town for some symbolism. Something I'd been thinking about for a while anyway since I live in the freaking Masonsstreet nr.69 (the sexual/yin yang resonator), with an Eye looking over it and at the right time of day that eye finds itself in a shadow triangle. I also went to a forest In Bruges (haven't seen the movie yet :p) yesterday with a buddy and I'll be sharing some pics of that too. All Coming Eventually, which is kinda like Coming Soon with way more patience :p.

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Anonymous said...


Michael inspired me, too. I'm going to do a little tour of my home town. I think this is great, because we always see the symbolism in cities like New York, London, Paris, but never from the small towns scattered across the world.

Can't wait!