Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Salvia Drive

Well I guess I'm going for sporadic posts, or am I? :p

Set & setting kids :p


Anonymous said...

Funny and NOT funny! If this guy was really trying to drive on Salvia, (which I doubt) he's pretty much helping to make this teacher-plant completely illegal everywhere.
~~~~ p ~~~~

Dedroidify said...

Not agreed, following that logic cars, motorcycles, screwdrivers, chainsaws, knives, toy cars, etc etc... could be made illegal everywhere too. At least that's our defense against the retarded politicians.

Anonymous said...

There's little or no defense against retarded politicians.

Millions of people take mushrooms without any problems. But when someone decides to jump off a bridge on mushrooms, these politicians think mushrooms are dangereous. So they make shrooms illegal. Stupid logic, right? But they use it.

Its this mentality that they are gonna protect us from ourselves, public health care or something.

Something has to be done, and no way they're gonna close all bridges because of the danger they can be.

Anyway, that'z why i am not fond of people doing entheogens in a weird setting and putting it on youtube.

Dedroidify said...

Shrooms aren't illegal yet in holland they're just talking about it.