Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jordan Maxwell - Secret Societies and Word Meanings

Jordan Maxwell - Secret Societies and Word Meanings part 1

Jordan Maxwell - Secret Societies and Word Meanings part 2

I don't necessarily agree with Maxwell on everything but he's very informative in deconstructing the deception symbol matrix.

Check out a huge list of language, nr and alphabet associations (scroll down). Compiled from Bryan Kemila's work, Jordan Maxwell, Michael Tsarion and others.


Anonymous said...

What don't you agree with Maxwell about? I love him so much.

Dedroidify said...

2 main things I can think of right away:

I haven't seen enough evidence that our foes are extraterrestrial and/or dimensional. They could just be a bloodline too. This is a point where I advise everyone to remain agnostic about and keep exploring.

I don't know about 'God' going to fix this, he seems to have a more personalized version of divinity than me.
Maybe he means 2012 by it unconsciously. Things could have gone to shit by then though. I mean if its real, then they know about 2012 too and their plans obviously involve completion before the 'deadline'.

Feel free to comment back :)

Anonymous said...

"I don't know what God is, but I know what it isn't" and the personal relationship is just the reaction to authoritarian interventions. I'm sure there's a more mature communal spirituality beyond one's personal relationship with "Dog".

If I were to speculate on a reason to remain agnostic beyond the traditional, let's keep the possiblities open, approach then Alan Watt's rant a year ago about an Alien Agenda amongst known researchers would certainly be applicable in this instance. That's Watt, not Watts.

Anonymous said...

I understand if you didn't want that in your comments section, but could you tell me why personally?

You can reach me at

In response to this information

Alan's been saying this stuff for a while, but then again I see on Alex Jones, I see Jordan Maxwell on Alex Jones. It's so weird.

Dedroidify said...

Like I said in my e-mailed, people can't expect their comments to be approved right away all the time ;)

I liked that video a lot, it worries me too that one thing I'm very skeptical about, the alien agenda, is something talked about by a group of dudes who all know each other. I just read an article on Acharya S's site that also claims that aliens are real, so the same people exposing religion are all going on about aliens, kinda peculiar isn't it. She also exposed Drunvalo Melchizedek it seems, geez, who isn't disinfo? Eris (chaos :p) right now in my reality tunnel seems to be losing ground against orchestration or something.

I don't like all of Alan Watt's stuff though, he once had a program bashing mind expansion where he was - to me - either putting out disinfo or just plain ignorant of what's possible with meditation and entheogens. You can't lump all that in with the new age bs which he did.

Thanks for sharing.