Friday, June 13, 2008

Terence McKenna

Terence McKenna

Just wonderful.

"And I asked the mushroom once about the social chaos at the end of history:"
"No worry bro, this is what it's like when a species departs for hyperspace, there's a little shimmy in the landing zone as we take off."

I'm very sorry to announce another hiatus until at least tuesday. Better get used to this btw, I don't know how the blogposting here will evolve but I have nowhere near the available online time as I used to. You can always check my 'thumbed up' stumbles here if you're starving for some good webpages. (btw put this post up first cause I like it better as a first post for a few days than a plain text post.)
Unrelated, James I removed our discussion in the comments as it doesn't serve anybody. You are always welcome yet please use some more discretion next time.

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Anonymous said...

Knew that one already; nevertheless: much love to Terence and the people who create these wonderful videos. Who's in for starting the European Terence McKenna Memorial League / Fan Club / Worship Lounge / ??