Thursday, June 19, 2008

Is Ron Paul a Mason?

ATS has a thread up on this, as for the posts in that thread - ATS is well known for having Masonic Apologists on their forum, even moderators. These pictures are hardly proof of course, could just be a limp handshake. Also, I don't believe in the Masonic conspiracy, yet I don't trust them either, at all. Hell, Lon Milo Duquette is a confessed mason and he's awesome *guitar solo*. Though that doesn't mean I completely trust him either, especially since Leo Zagami said he's been bought for the dark side, though again, that doesn't mean I distrust him either :p. Or that I trust or distrust Zagami Complicated isn't it? :p Lon dropped by here and could joke about the accusations which is always a great sign.
Ron Paul is complicated too, his track record is impressive though I'm sure there are a few interesting stumbles here and there left undiscovered too. Remember, after "A New Hope", the Empire struck back. It's not like any of this matters or anything. "Think about that for a while. Ponder it while the music from Jeopardy plays and roll it around in your mouth a little before swallowing it." Duquette ;p But don't take assumptions for truth, nevahr!


Michael Skaggs said...

Right on, I have a photo of Ron Paul giving the "sign of Aton" ala what Tsarion has posted on his webpages.

Your right, its not like any of it matters, the power was never in the hands of the people...thats the problem, another system that fails.

Thanks for the heads up!
Peace bro!

Dedroidify said...

cool I'll check that out thanks.

Indeed, screw the system! and concern ourselves with personal evolution, or sumsum