Monday, June 30, 2008

Little China Girl

China deploys missiles to protect Olympics.

Lol! I thought Missiles blew shit up! I wonder what the hell they have planned for 08.08.08, check out these interesting comments, with people on this planet so easily polarized, starting WW3 should be easy:

China set an excellent example for West.China is on a right track to arise,some China -hatred-filled guys are so poor-educated,they should learn more from China,and Chinese history.They should read Chinese books like Sunzi Tactics,and ancient Chinese historical stories,then they'll know China better
Donoghue , Lasa , Xizang (Please let us know where we can find that propaganda you speak of)

---" crack down on its critics even harder than usual".
I'm eager to see how UK handle Muslim in 2012 Olympic. I often feel amazed at the double standard of West that, when fighting West, Muslim are terrorists but when making trouble to China, they suddenly become freedom fighter. LOL
hgao, Beijing, (lol good points, and good you have your excuses ready)

Exactly how are these missiles going to be used against a suicide bomber with an explosive belt? Possibly the Chinese are a little new to terrorism defence.
CA, Manchester, UK (by killing them and everyone around it. maybe a self-destruct button in the stadium would be more efficient!)

Western,watch and learn.
Han Runfeng, Baoding,Hebei Province, China (oeh, is he in the know? ;p)

Why bash China, have you ever been there?It has no democracy but neither do we in Europe, we have unelected bureaucrats running the EU and ignoring the people.Lets fix our own system and then we can advise other countries what they are doing wrong.
joe, Edinburgh, Scotland (How about we criticize all the crazy shit on this planet? Before it gets crazier?)

Hongqi-7 they work ? I used to say about the USSR....don't be afraid if ever they have to fire their missiles or fly their combat aircraft....we have won right from the start. I always said if they fired a missiled the odds of it falling on their own heads were 99 to 1 !
E. Bee, Toulouse, France (lol, maybe the missiles will explode fluffy bunnies)

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