Friday, June 13, 2008

Orange fever

Check out the HUGE inverted pentagon on the Dutch jerseys who have beaten Italy and France, two other main contenders for the championship, hard. This pic doesn't do it justice but it's the best I could find (google images SUCKS :p), on TV the thing looks huge. Before Euro 2008 the jerseys featured a more arched pentagon or no symbol at all. The supporters club also sports an upright pentagon. I wonder if the orange synchromystic flow in the ether I'm sure some of you have been following, along with powerful symbolism hasn't already ensured their finals victory.


aferrismoon said...

Then of course there's the 3-step ADIDAS Pyramid.
Yahoo Sports claim that Orange = the colour of the championship [ at present]. The Dutch have beaten 2 sets of Blues , it's opposite colour
Anyhow , the French-Italy match = major grudge, with ZZ head-butt and the sick things said to open up Zinedine's alter


Dedroidify said...

Oh and btw, the dutch only have to let themselves lose to Romania to throw both Italy and the French out of the tournament haha.

And to think Marco Van Basten was thinking to play in blue because they thought friday the 13th was bad luck. (silly nannies)


aferrismoon said...

And then the Austria - Germany should be a classic. I think in a World Cup in the 80's austria threw the match against west germany so the germans could go through , or something.
Croatia might play do the 'weaker team' thang and really fuck with the germans.
The Dutch have to try out other players, ' We have a couple of injuries'.
Anyhow the bigger clubs have enough modern stadiums, gotta get some built in those smaller nations, but what's the use if they never win.

Dedroidify said...

Not a super fan of football, to me austria sucks hehe. I didn't know that about the 80s, will maybe check it out.

Croatia is always dangerous!