Saturday, August 16, 2008

Charles Manson interviews

Charles Manson Interview with Geraldo Rivera.

Last Manson post for a while. Also check out this one with Tom Snyder. Both interviewers are so obnoxious the majority of youtube viewer comments cheer on Manson lol. These interviews seemed to be inspiration for the movie Natural Born Killers. Some hilarious and tense moments. Manson shows some excellent moments of clarity concerning the system and different reality tunnels here and there, but is evasive as ever about his responsibility. One thing that crossed my mind about all that, is that Manson could have wanted to emulate the president - who gives orders for all kinds of atrocities and is untouched too, although it didn't really work out.

Added: PseudOccult Media had a post on Manson, check it out.


Anonymous said...

Great interview, he makes a lot of good points and i find myself actually agreeing with some of the things he says, too bad geraldo has no clue wtf he's on about. The point about parents and criminals is so spot on. Surf's Up Charlie!

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JJ said...

I remember watching this and some other Manson interviews as well. He talks well on many things and you can agree with a lot of it.

Where he kind of loses his credibility is when he equates himself and his actions into a force of nature. So, if you get in his way and happen to get in conflict of wills and just happen to get stabbed. You can blame only yourself. Don't blame a force of nature.