Monday, August 18, 2008

Mysterious Skulls

Mysterious Skulls

Several kinds of mysterious skulls have been found, oh whatever could they be (seen Indiana Jones 4 yet? :p):

# Anthropologists have already admitted that the shapes of the long Peruvian skulls (4 different variations of these have been found now) is unlike the deformity caused by binding. They resemble Egyptian depictions of Nefertiti and 2 of the 6 female children to her and Aken-aten with some unusual family traits. They also resemble reptilian entities found in Iraq, which are dated at 5000-4500 BC and housed in the British Museum.
# The mainstream uses pathology to explain the big round skulls. However previously unknown "fibers," for lack of a more precise term, have been found embedded in the bone, along with a reddish residue in its cancellous holes, considered impossible for human bone 900 years old. Extensive DNA testing is being done to prove wether the skulls are human or not. It's taking a bit long though...
# unverified info: The horned skull of which supposedly several have been found, accompagnied by skeletons of approximately seven feet. According to the French museum Surnateum an analysis has demonstrated that the horns are genuinely part of the skull. "An in-depth examination and X-rays leave no room for doubt: the skull is not a forgery." Horns, in the time of Moses, were a symbol of authority and power. Many gods, including YHVH have been depicted as having them. Kings and holy men were shown sometimes with exaggerated crowns. In Hebrew, "ray of light" and "horn" are spelled the same. Also, Alexander the Great is known in Eastern traditions as Dhul-Qarnayn, the two-horned one. (Supposedly simply cause of a coin found with different ram horns).
The picture series of 12 shows the 3 different kinds of skulls

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