Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Daily Conspiracy: Product

Nevermind making a product, let's make some money!

Only one thing is relevant in producing nowadays, money. Prices kept low because of (child) slaves or underpaid workers but whose business is that?

unhealthy foods, cheap electronics with those lovely emf fields, worthless 'upgrades', cheaper source materials, retarded material trends, new deathtrap cars because budget required cutting a few checkups, chocolate from child slave labor, cheaper thinner walls for extra neighbour friendliness, overpriced stupid cellphones, crap revenge movies & poor cgi with subliminal entrainment, recycling 'music' and video games, fake & cheap reality tv, pre-marketed subcultures, merging of companies & banks - more power for the few over the many...

"People interests should come before business interests. You can only screw yourself."
Jimmie's Chicken Shack

"The bottom line is money! Nobody gives a FUCK!"
System of a Down

"Can any melting or burning imaginable get rid of these ever-rising mountains of ruin - especially when the things we make and build are beginning to look more and more like rubbish even before they are thrown away?"
Alan Watts

Interviewer: The 20 dollar bill. A friend of mine remarked that it looked like a coupon. It made me think how abstract money really is. It's no longer a certificate that you can redeem for its value in silver or gold, it's just some kind of arbitrary credit that you have in your bank account. Obviously if there is a belief in the monetary system that keeps it afloat
Robert Anton Wilson: If everybody went to the bank and took out their money the whole system would collapse. Because the banks are allowed by law to loan 8 times as much as they have on deposit, that's considered safe because it's unlikely that everybody will go in
and take their money all at once. (Though they habitually loan a lot more).

The funnier pages popo (police provocateurs) and pluto have already been posted.

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