Saturday, August 30, 2008

Alex Krycek was a real guy?

Richard C. Doty was involved in: The Majestic 12 Documents, the *cough* greys running an underground base in Dulce, sending some poor guy over the edge, the Serpo Project which involved an *cough* alien exchange program and much more (his greatist hits are available on in Time Life exclusive boxset.)

Bill Moore (William L. Moore) is a well-known UFOlogist. Prominent in the 1980s, he has co-authored several books with Charles Berlitz, including The Roswell Incident - the first book written about the alleged Roswell UFO crash/retrieval. Bill Moore was a central figure in the release of the controversial Majestic 12 documents.

Bill Moore admitted in 1989 at the Mutual UFO Network that along with USAF Sergeant Richard C. Doty he "played a part in having Paul Bennewitz involuntarily committed to the New Mexico State Hospital on three separate occasions."

Extra info from wikipedia: In 1989, UFOlogist William L. Moore would report that "I became aware that Rick (Doty) was involved with a team of several others ... in playing an elaborate disinformation scheme against a major UFO researcher who, at the time, had close connections with a major television film company interested in doing a UFO documentary." Moore says that Howe was discredited due to her interest in Bennewitz.

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Anonymous said...

The pic looks suspiciously like Tom Foss rather than Alex Krycek.

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lol, same same but dif