Friday, August 29, 2008

Manufacturing Dissent (Michael Moore, ew)

Manufacturing Dissent pt 1/5 (all parts here)

I started watching this hoping they'd talk about more people than Michael Moore but no luck. It's not the conservative hit piece you'd expect, though it is kinda boring. I mean it's about Moore, not exactly the most radiant or admirable personality. It shows how Moore his rise to fame is based on a lie, his movie Roger & Me is about getting a meeting with the General Motors big guy which never happens - though in reality Moore had already done two interviews with the guy. The geniuses at General Motors advised to ignore the whole ugly thing, lol, if they didn't Moore's career might have never launched.
They also include other deception Moore even admits he put into his movies. I used to love this guy's work TV Nation and Awful Truth way back when I wasn't digging deeper into all of this stuff but his tactics are undefendable for a supposed 'documentary' film maker, it just hurts the message in the end. The biased people on either political side need only a little evidence to confirm what they believed first, so this film trickery he uses sometimes for a better joke or so are the only thing the right needs to ignore his points. Moore comes across in this documentary as a really unlikable, unprincipled and not even very intelligent money grabber. BS makes money makes the world divisive and go round...


Unknown said...

lol they can't get an interview with Michael Moore. Michael and Me?

Dedroidify said...

hehe, they get to talk to him though and he makes an ass of himself