Saturday, August 30, 2008

Vivek - Homeless Prophet

Vivek - Homeless Prophet

Not a prophet but a homeless dude who met a spiritual master and is telling what was told to him, he says himself he's a beginner who hasn't realized it but just believes. Which obviously made me CRINGE, nonetheless he has a great way of explaining things and though it may just be beginners enthusiasm, maybe as he's homeless he puts it into much better practice than I will ever be able to. My non-dual experience does little for me to keep sane in this insane fucking society.
The cameraman and his buddy are also hopelessly fucking annoying though, but at least they learn something. From the comments: "It's ironic that these morons, in their attempt to mock this guy, helped in sharing a wonderful message with the world. Thank you." Too bad it finishes terribly with a message to pray (wtf'll that do) and one of the two (the genius with his night time sunglasses...) has to act up again.


Jenn said...

Wow, I am having a funny sync with this post here! I have just woken up from a little nap to read your blog here, but before I fell asleep I played the video on YouTube for "Mr. Wendel", a song that used to play when I was younger...Mr. Wendel is homeless.

"To give him money isn't charity--
He gives me some knowledge; I buy him some shoes."

Now I can have a snack and read a little RAW! Thanks!

Dedroidify said...

tis my pleasure Jen!

Go 'head mr Wendel!

Mr Wendel yeaaaaaaah

Now I can go to bed with that awesome song in my head.

[Share yer syncs ppl ;)]