Saturday, August 16, 2008

Robert Anton Wilson: Don't Be Afraid of Black Magick

Article written by Robert Anton Wilson for "Gnostica" about Black Magick. (If you sign up for scribd you can download the pdfs. And at the top right-side of the document there's a fullscreen button.) Here is just a little excerpt:
The Big Lie
The old theological cliché that the Devil is the "Father of Lies" contains an important neuropolitical truth. Occult knowledge beings with the realization that the ordinary reality of the conditioned citizen is somewhere around 99.97 percent mythology.

Mindwarping, brainwashing, demonology, the hurling of curses, etc., begin with the barefaced lie that the mindwarper's alternate reality is not mythology at all but "really" "real."
The Satanist's reality is real. So is Rev. Sun Myung Moon's. And the nudist reality. The snake-worshipper's reality. The Methodist reality. The Republican reality. The SLA reality. The Buddhist reality. The vegetarian reality. The scientfic reality.
Everyone of these realities is "real" to the nervous system programmed to convert all incoming energy-signals into the coding (language categories) of that "reality," and to exclude as backgorund noise all signals not fitting the code.
The Biggest Lie in the World is the idea that there is one "true" reality. That is the lie which keeps the conditioned citizen trapped in the one static reality imprinted by parents and schools in childhood. It is the lie which the Black Magician exploits in making the demons of his reality in your reality.
America is the greatest country in the world, to the conditioned American. Fernando Poo is the greatest country in the world, to the conditioned Pooan. Catholicism is the one true religion, to the Catholic. Voodoo is the one true religion, to the Voodooist.
Mirrors and blue smoke.

There are dozens of meta-programming rituals in occult manuals, showing how to insulate your reality from attacking demonic forces out of some black magician's separate reality. Some of the best and most commonsensical are in Dion fortune's Psychic Self Defense.
Personally, I regard such rituals as unnecessary, since they take the terrorist too seriously.
Read the entire article here. (3 pages)

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