Friday, August 22, 2008

Daily Conspiracy: Reptilians (teehee)

I was now eager to sollicit a professional opinion from the most supernaturally knowledgeable of the Indians, a blind shaman who had made many excursions into the spirit world with the aid of the Ayahuasca drink. It seemed only proper that a blind man might be able to be my guide to the world of darkness.
At first I told him only the highlights; thus, when I came to the dragon-like creatures, I skipped their arrival from space and only said, "There were these giant black animals, something like great bats, longer than the length of this house, who said that they were the true masters of the world." There is no word for dragon in Conibo, so "giant bat" was the closest I could come to describe what I had seen. He stared up toward me with his sightless eyes, and said with a grin, "Oh, they're always saying that. But they are only the Masters of Outer Darkness." He waved his hand casually toward the sky. I felt a chill along the lower part of my spine, for I had not yet told him that I had seen them, in my trance, coming from outer space. I was stunned. What I had experienced was already familiar to this barefoot, blind shaman. Known to him from his own explorations of the same hidden world into which I had ventured. From that moment on I decided to learn everything I could about shamanism.

Excerpt from anthropologist Michael Harner's book "Way of the Shaman." Speaking about his first Ayahuasca experience.
In trance-states all sorts of therianthropic (half-man/half-animal) creatures can be observed, of which reptilians are just one variety. Though this page doesn't attempt to debunk the reptilian theory, they could be both extra-dimensional & extra-terrestrial-biological and present here. But I believe this page shows a broader view. The shaman could mean we are the true co-creating masters of reality. He could also mean they aren't here. He could mean lots of things ;) Embrace all views and don't get bogged down by any one idea. Believe nothing! it's the highest form of intelligence.

Art by Vincent Chong. Looks less reptilian but very similar to Michael Harner's description and oughta scare the crap a little less outta ya :p

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