Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Daily C: Oil, Petroleum, Black Gold - Scourge of nature & wallets

Oil prices have skyrocketed, while the Oil Industry made RECORD PROFITS! Feel ripped off yet?

# "Global Warming": About 22 billion tons of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are being released into the earth's atmosphere each year due to coal-burning power plants, automobile exhausts, factory smokestacks, and other waste vents.
# Road accidents kill an estimated one million people each year worldwide.
# With the China economy booming, car presence & pollution are increasing dramatically. People moving from countryside to cities already have health problems.
# The prevalence of Asthma has risen steadily since 1980. Not to mention decline of general health & fertility.
# Robbing indigenous people of their land so they can destroy it with their oil rigs, doesn't sound a bit criminal to you?
# War for oil, sound familiar anyone? Anyone wanna estimate a bodycount? Be my guest.
# Violent supression of Free Energy like Zero-point, Cold Fusion and Cold Electricity and of other energy sources like Brown's/Rhodes Gas, Biodiesel, Hydrogen in combustion & Fuel Cells, Solar power, LPG,...

"In 1932, Standard Oil struck oil in the British protectorate of Bahrain in the Persian Gulf and all the major powers began decades of covert and overt struggle to control that region, of which the current culmination, as I write, Includes, George Bush Jr. owning most of the oil in Bahrain and George Bush Sr. declaring that the U.S. has a "moral" imperative to police that area. Today (1991), American missilies are raining on Iraq and Iraqi missiles are bombarding Israel. (The American missiles are "good" because they only kill "bad" people; the Iraqi missiles are "bad" because they only kill "good" people. Understand? I am writing about the Planet of the Apes.)"
Robert Anton Wilson: Cosmic Trigger 2: Down to Earth

"When the oil prices plummet... the oil companies will be gone quicker than fire through a gas line, and all of us will be left picking up the pieces of our destroyed local economy."
Maggie Palmer, writing from Pinedale, WY - www.reclaimdemocracy.org


"Why don't those damn oil companies fly their own flags on their personal property - maybe a flag with a gas pump on it." Major General Smedley Butler

"This gas shit is crazy. I seen people leave their car on the freeway and start walking. There ain't been a drive by in LA in three months! You hear n*ggas talking: I can't afford to kill that mothafuckah!"
Paul Mooney

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