Tuesday, January 20, 2009

All hail the Symbol!

"The challenges are real! They are Sirius and many! But they will be met!" Obama

Well I can't say I didn't feel some YAAY HAHA when he took the oath, clumsily. You'd think he'd be able to repeat stuff by now! ;p Let's hope he is a catalyst for some change at least, those are some interesting promises. And don't get me wrong, I do appreciate the positive symbolism of his presidency. A few days ago, I saw a bit of Blazing Saddles for the first time, and I really had to chuckle at the symbolism at work, the synopsis of that movie:

"To ruin a western town, a corrupt political boss appoints a black sheriff,
who promptly becomes his most formidable adversary."

All the best Mr. President.


Tristan Eldritch said...

That's kind've funny. Saw a still from Blazing Saddles recently, in which the black sheriff leads a dazed looking Mongo out of jail. For some reason it really reminded me of Obama and Bush! Wonder have many others noted the Obama/Blazing Saddles parallel?

Jack Heart said...

Regardless of cynical/hopeful commentary on Barak’s ability upon the assumption of his administrative duties, it is good to finally have a literate, articulate president in the Whitehouse!

My glass is 1/2 full!

- Sensei

Anonymous said...

Obama's clumsy oath was because of the H word. Hussein hadn't been said yet, so Barry Sotereo aka B.S. God Barrak H. Obama spoke out of turn.

Highlighted H, repeat synch

Dedroidify said...

rofl at B.S.

I agree it's awesome to get the retard out of the white house, but I can't help but laugh at the "articulate" aspect of Obama: I speak... with pauses... to appear... more eloquent... it doesn't... work... with everybody.

Chris Rock: He speaks so well! He's so well spoken. I mean he really speaks so well!' Like that's a compliment, sh*t. 'He speaks so well' is not a compliment, okay? 'He speaks so well' is some sh*t you say about retarded people that can talk. What do you mean he speaks so well? He's a fuc*ing educated man! How the fu*k you expect him to sound, you dirty motherfuc*er? 'He speaks so well.' What are you talking about? What voice were you expecting to come out of his mouth? 'Imma drop me a bomb today', 'I be Pwez o dent!'." (about Colin Powell, applies to BS/BO too.)