Wednesday, January 14, 2009




being said...

As an earthling I found this images embarassing. But they have lots of proposes. Among them the capability of touching beings that smells something is not right around them.

And then, your 'dedroidifying' work can happen. There´s no way to push a bit of awareness without a consentment. We must respect freewill and the learning path of each other.

Im glad blogs like this exists.

"God save us from religion"
D. Icke

Anonymous said...

The opening film clip reminds me off the opening to Run Lola Run.

What film was that?

nicarova said...


Big thanks to Dedroidify for posting my vid up here.

The movie is about the manipulation of audiences emotions through the usage of strong and recognizable images and music. There's a better/bigger description next to it on youtube if you wish to know more.

The opening clip is from "La haine", one of my favorite movies (made in France).