Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bedtime Stories, Belief Systems and the 'Annoying Entities'

A hotel handyman's (Sandler) life changes when the lavish bedtime stories he tells his niece and nephew start to magically come true.
"Your fun is only limited by your imagination."
Marty Bronson

"[during the gumball shower] This... is... spooky."
Skeeter Bronson

I saw this with one eye. I didn't like the movie really, though I have to admit often I just can't help myself and when watching a movie I just get bored quickly and pick up the guitar, now that I see the trailer again I didn't even know the Bedtime Stories came true. I guess the music got more attention! Ok so I saw it with one half eye, hehe. Anyway that doesn't stop me from doing an interesting post on it.
Bedtime Stories has the same abbreviation as Belief System. If we 'upgrade' our Belief System or Reality Tunnel with the concept of synchronicity for instance we will obviously be experiencing more synchronicities, meaningful subjective coincidences, not only cause of the concept of confirmation bias, the tendency to search for or interpret new information in a way that confirms one's preconceptions and avoids information and interpretations which contradict prior beliefs. But also cause well, reality is weird I guess. I don't pretend to understand how or why this happens, simple consciousness before matter? But it's a lot of fun! More fun than seeing reality as a meaningless machine in my opinion. Gumballs don't fall out of the sky necessarily, but things can get hilariously interesting and weird. This 23 enigma vid illustrates synchronicity nicely.

The Belief System goes both ways, it both has the capability to enhance as well as limit our lives by what we include into it (mostly unconsciously). One way to overcome limitations, is using catmas, relative meta-opinions of which multiple even contradicting ones can be held in one's consciousness at a time, instead of dogmas... regular beliefs, which are emotionally and territorially defended, not rationally.

A part of Bedtime Stories, is we used to be teased as kids by grownups, that at midnight the ghosts come out. I don't recommend doing this with kids personally, it's not too beneficial for Circuit 1 & 2 imprinting.

Yesterday I went to a buddy's house. His girl said she had been experiencing really weird things, she had contacted people on a forum who had gotten her all riled up. She said she felt pains, her cellphone acted weird, her dog and cats acted weird, she felt temperature changes. These are obviously common "ghost symptoms" that are told and probably were told to her on that forum. Funny that these people think they were helping her, by laying incredible amounts of B.S. on her.
She asked me what I thought and I give my "I believe nothing but explore it all", I told her about confirmation bias, mental projection, and that she most likely has nothing to worry about, and should be careful what she reads online as there are so many charlatans and people whose belief systems have gotten ahead of them. So she shows us a movie in her car that she filmed when feeling weird things in her neck. We watched her movie and holy freaking superlatives it really looked like a terrifying entity biting in her neck from behind her seat 3 times in a row, sticking around the third time for a longer bite.
My buddy asked her to send it to his cell, mean while regardless of what is going on and to make sure this stuff is done with, I teach her a grounding and shielding visualisation exercise, along with the deep breathing I posted about earlier, and letting her anchor it pressing her thumb and index finger together. So anytime she uses it, all she has to do is do the hand motion, and she knows she's safe, no matter what is really going on.
I was really kinda startled, the movie was pretty impressive and freaky. "Okaay... that's interesting" I said, "heh, I thought this stuff was nonsense but may be there's something to it after all, still I believe nothing." At the least, the girl had been understood so she could feel a little better and now had a simple technique to relax again. My buddy upped the video from the cell to his computer and through the tv-out we watched the video on the tv. It was... the girl's hair. Haha, incredible how confirmation bias can color something so profoundly.
"'Seeing' is not a function of the eyes alone, but of the eyes-and-brain working together. A popular proverb says, 'Seeing is believing,' but as the philosopher Santayana once pointed out, humans are much better at believing than at seeing." (that goes for hearing, feeling, etc too)
Robert Anton Wilson
I said, "haha, AWESOME!", my buddy laughed along "yeah?" he said, I said "yeah man, geez the opposite would have been f'd up" ;p She, and her favorite movies are scary ones btw, wanted to find another video. Then the dog started whining in the bedroom, she said "see, when there's something up he always acts up too." So she got him out and he was whining from the room, to the couch, and from the couch, to the floor again. Though he hasn't been in optimal health for a some time.
But then... we were startled from hearing three loud noises on the window, "what the hell's going on now!", but we quickly realized it was a buddy taking the way around the house as often happens, but not so much in winter. He came in, drunk with a colleague we hadn't met before, also drunk. There were the annoying entities lol!


skrambo said...

Ooh, annoying entities. I could write a whole book on that, and how to deal with them.

I don't think any of us here in the blogsphere have "machine-like" beliefs or anything of the sort. That is more in the field of religion. Religion is a sync-machine, we are sync "masters". I really couldn't think of a better term... :P

Despite the over-arching nature of the sync itself, emotional-territorial disputes will still prevail due to our state in what we have been told is "evolution", which I learned from my very raw experience venturing into average life with synchronicity in mind. It really cannot be avoided yet, if anything I've learned is correct. I (and Robert Anton Wilson, bless his amazing soul) would advise against denying these territorial demands, as they are (right now, at least) an essential part of your being. It is the "budding" sign-field which we look forward to.

Dedroidify said...

"I don't think any of us here in the blogsphere have "machine-like" beliefs or anything of the sort. That is more in the field of religion."

Haha, religion and ideology are practically the same things, belief systems. In an optimal parallel universe perhaps, but I tend to notice an incredible amount of robotic programming, especially in "conscious" circles. The droids are everywhere.

skrambo said...

I can see what you mean, especially with a few 9/11 truthers and conspiracy theorists which have a Christian slant. Alex Jones makes me crack up sometimes, I don't know how people can take him seriously. So many of them are Christian and stuff like that, which is kind of hypocritical but it seems they are dealing with a deep inner struggle they were raised into.

Dedroidify said...

That's not what I meant with conscious circles. But yeah, those too.