Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2008 in review: Synchromysticism

The Dedroidify Blog came to life at the end of January (older posts were archived from another blog) and it's been quite a year. Here are my favorite Top 10 Synchromystic posts from this year, and a Top 20 of my own.

Top 10 Synchromysticism
RIP Rik Clay: Red Ice Interview
Matthew Delooze Faces the Beast
Celtic Rebel: They Live, We Sleep
Secret Sun: Red Ice Creations Interview Sirius Election
Labyrinth of the Psychonaut: Southland Tales, Sri Yantra & B.E.
Jake Kotze: Starmummy
Wrong Way Wizard: Ohm Agenda 2012 explained
Hidden Agendas: Playing with the Universe
Aferrismoon: Rekojl
9/11 Hidden in Hollywood video series
more synchromysticism here!

Top 20 Dedroidify Synchromystic posts:
Through the Stargate with Scrubs
Hellboy 2: The Golden Army
Everything is Illuminated & Oxford Murders
The Dark Knight
Family Guy: The Bird is the Word & Terminator Oz
South Park: About Last Night & Obama's Change
PKD: Simulacra & Time
The Egyptian Enneads (The Nine)
Batman: Gotham Knight - Working Through Pain
Star Wars Clone Wars
Star Trek First Contact
Heath Ledger SyncFest post & more
PKD: Flow my tears, the policeman said.
VideoDrome: The BS Arena
Justice League Unlimited
Incredible Pranayama Hulk
Dominion Tank Police
Prison Break
Interpol: Evil


aferrismoon said...

Thanks for including my post - its also quite good to see the 'synchro' effect of the Dedroidify mind[ or anyones] putting 10 together.
One of the 'good' things about synching is one can mix and match [ esp. as some sort of vocabulary]numberabulary has evolved, allowing links between posts that may on the face of it seem unconnected]

Kill all Doomans


Dedroidify said...

Cheers dude, yay for the synchro effect!

The Secret Sun said...

The more we point Synchronicity out, the more the Universal consciousness will respond with more. Get those google fingers ready- we're connecting the dots that will form the infrastructure of the New Reality Paradigm.

Anonymous said...

I gotta put a vote in for the J.C. stuff on the blob. I have also had two J.C.'s in my life, both recently, so this one has special meaning for me.

Anonymous said...

Ooh! I made a top ten list. :-) Cool!

Happy New Year mate, and thanks!

Unknown said...


I tried to read that Matthew Delooze on but I can't get to it. Is his website gone?

Dedroidify said...

Oh right I remember reading about website troubles, I guess he'll be online back soon.