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Lost in Time (Lost, BSG & TSCC)

The Aztec Calender and the Cyclical Nature of Time

The wheel of time or wheel of history is a concept in several religions and philosophies, notably religions of Indian origin such as Buddhism and Hinduism, which regard time as cyclical and consisting of repeating ages. Many other notable cultures also believe in this Wheel of Time: notably, the Q'ero Indians in Peru who are the direct descendants of the Incan empire, as well as the Hopi Indians of Arizona, believe in this cyclical idea of time.

Robert Jordan's the Wheel of Time

3 Shows & 3 plots (more?) that include the manipulation of time or
cyclical nature of time involved in Saving the World or Mankind.

Benjamin Linus turns the wheel of time

"I have full sympathy [for Ben]. I believe he has a mission and an agenda that he hasn't shared with us yet. The survival of the earth may depend on Ben's work, so it justifies his ruthless behavior. Maybe I'm just fantasizing or deluding myself."
—Actor Michael Emerson, who plays Ben

"That's what my father does - he manipulates people.
He makes you think it's your idea but it's his."
—Alex in "The Man From Tallahassee"

During Ben's turning, we see a shot of the Chariot
The Chariot (Tarot)

Structurally, the Chariot follows the Lovers. After the impulse that pulls us out of the Garden, we get on our chariot and depart. At that point, we are the Hero of our own story; maybe the Hero of everyone’s story. (As Ben is now as he needs to help get Hurley & co back to the Island) He might represent Helios, the Greek god who drives the Sun’s chariot across the sky, bringing light to the earth. The danger of this card is well illustrated by the myth of Phaëton. Among other things, this story illustrates the danger of reaching too high, unprepared.

The Chariot is Key Seven of the Major Arcana. In classical astrology, there were seven things that predictably wandered against the fixed stars. Mastering those planets meant mastering the system. The Chariot represents the possibility of traveling through the mysteries of the universe.

Such pretty golden lights of higher consciousness
Push! Push! *baby starts crying* just kidding ;p or am I?
Here's the baby, pure white light erups on the Island and Time Shifts.

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
John Connor sends back soldiers and Terminators in time
to help save earth as early as possible.
Hope is Unleashed

Battlestar Galactica
Earth is revealed to have been populated by Cylons until a nuclear war, 2000 years in the past. Starbuck tracks the homing signal and finds her own remains on the planet. The identity of the fifth of the Final Five Cylons is revealed.

The four cylons revealed at the end of Season 3 (Samuel Anders, Chief Galen Tyrol, Tory Foster and Colonel Saul Tigh) discover, through flashbacks they experience while wandering around a shoreline, that they had lived on Earth, 2000 years ago, in a previous lifetime.

On Earth, Tigh converses with D'Anna Biers. She says she is devastated by the knowledge that history repeats itself endlessly. Faced with the choice of being constantly hunted by Cavil or dying on the planet, she chooses to remain behind.

Afterwards, Tigh walks into the water on a nearby shore, starts searching in the waves, visibly disoriented, and pulls out what appears to be the numbered lid of a post office box. This evokes a vision of himself, now searching through a heavily damaged building in which rows of mailbox hatches like the one he found in the water can be seen right after the first nuclear explosions on Earth 2000 years ago, looking for his wife, Ellen Tigh. He finds Ellen in the wreckage, dying, trapped under debris. While there seems to be no chance of rescuing her, Ellen consoles Saul, saying that "everything is in place", and that they will be "reborn, again, together." A nuclear blast obliterates both in the vision. Tigh's vision ends as he realizes Ellen was the fifth of the Final Five Cylons.

Pink Floyd - Time (live) [Notice the Kurzweil Synthesizer ;p]


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The Floyd, music with mental/metal awareness. The penultimate synthesis. Dennis from Oregon.

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just a little correction - that first picture is the Aztec calendar, not the Mayan as stated.

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