Friday, January 30, 2009


Once there was a woman of who was told she had visions of God. She went to the bishop to ask for advice. "Maybe you are only imagining it," he told her. "You have to understand that only me, as bishop of the bishopric, can determine if your visions are real, or fake.
"Yes, monseigneur."
"That is namely one of my responsibilities and duties."
"Of course, monseigneur."
"So you have to do as I say."
"I certainly will, monseigneur."
"All right then, listen. The next time God appears to you, as he has according to you done before, you have to perform a test wherefrom I can determine if it really was God.
"Agreed, monseigneur. And what kind of test?"
"Ask then from God: "Would you please tell me what sins the bishop has in secret?" If it really is God that appears to you, he will definitely tell you my sins. Then come to me and tell me, but nobody else, which those are."
"I will, monseigneur."
A month later the woman schedules another appointment with the bishop. "And, did God appear to you again?" he asked her.
"I believe so, monseigneur."
"And what did God say?"
"God said: "Tell the bishop I've already forgiven his sins."

From Anthony de Mello: The way of Silence

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