Friday, January 30, 2009

Nasadiya, Rig Veda Book 10, Hymn 129.

1. At first there was nothing
neither existence
nor non existence
space was not yet
and nothing beyond

What was hidden?
By whom?

Was there water
impenetrable and deep?

2. Death did not exist
nor deathlessness
no sign as yet
of night or day

only the One
self impelled
breathing without breath

nothing else.

3. At first
darkness wrapped around darkness
all was shoreless water,

The One, hidden by the void
in fiery heat

4. Passion arose
the seed of mind.

Seers, searching
the wisdom
in their hearts
discovered the bond
with being

5. A ray of light
spread out
what was above
what below?

There were seed bearers
mighty forces
thrust out
moving far beyond

6. Who truly knows?
Who can say?

Where was it born?
How did it come forth?

The gods came later

who knows how this creation
came into being?

7. That source from where
creation came
did it hold or not?

Only the one
who presides over
the highest space knows

He surely knows
or can it be
that he does not know?


Abe said...

I just found your blog (searched google for "Culture is not your friend"). Really digging it.

Dedroidify said...

Excellent, welcome, Terence is in the back!