Sunday, January 4, 2009


Hey folks, haven't been posting much cause of all the holidays, the partying, the recuperating, the new guitar multi-pedal-thingy I got including a drum machine (I played the Roots Seed 2.0 with a buddy with his bass guitar yesterday, awesome), and I'm starting up an online therapy practice (nlp, hypnosis, etc) soon, more about that later! Here's some Danish Volbeat that I first heard on New Year's eve, which I celebrated gangsta motown style in suits and hats at a buddy's house.

Volbeat - The Garden's Tale

Digitech RP50 Guitar Effects thingy


Tigno323 said...

funny i got my self an acustic guitar for xmas im learning how to play now its a washburn nylon string.

Dedroidify said...

Enjoy it! Play everyday, don't put off learning chords, learn to read tabs, also find yourself a table that compares chords to power chords, and rock on! My acoustic guitar is an old piece of crap I bought from my sister.

Anonymous said...

just got a new credit card, expires 11/11

Burglarised said...

hey its Burglarised again -great playing we make music too

came here to see if there were any dots connecting what about Zappa being "p2" and being born on 21st December(in 2012 he'd've been 72)

sorry if we're wasting your time...!!

Thanks Again and happy new year

Dedroidify said...

Wasn't me in the vid, burglarised. Zappa sure is an enigma.

Peace and late happy new year.