Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fibonacci Sequence in Tool's Lateralus

Fibonacci Sequence in Tool's Lateralus

I can finally play this song on electric guitar since recently too. Words cannot describe how awesome that feels (never took lessons!). Tool are musical geniuses, check out in this video how the Divine Ratio aka Fibonacci Sequence is worked into this amazing song, which is one of the few songs I listened to on repeat daily for months at one time.

For more fascinating Music Explorations check out the HOWMusic(k) Blog and its new excellent Baby Brother. Btw, I'm sure some will enjoy this at the latter: Doomsday Prophet Alan Watt (no S!) exposed. Thanks again Ezra!


skrambo said...

Weird, I was listening to Opiate when I saw this post.

I can pay the bass part to Schizm on guitar but that's all the Tool I know.

Dedroidify said...

So far! ;p

Sync's aren't weird, they're fun! Ok they're weird too. Hehe.

Black Light in the Attic Podcast said...

Very nice, I learned those riffs on an acoustic which seemed to make it really fun for me. . .the drums, well I can get through it, but some of the fills at the end are a little tricky. DC never can keep it to just 4/4, can he? ;-)

When we had Matt Pallamary on our show, we played this song right after he told us about how on ayahuasca he learned all about sacred geometry, which was something he knew nothing about!

Fun stuff. . .

Dedroidify said...

On an acoustic eh, well I know an acoustic guitar that's gonna get tuned in Drop D right away hehe, have to try that out!

DC is crrrazy! I bet my li'l drum machine can't emulate him ;p.

Cool sites man, I added linkies and subscribed to RSS. Third ear ;p haha excellent! Peace.

Christopher Darren Horn said...

Very cool! Gonna check out some more Tool now. Thank you.

Dedroidify said...

Enjoy Nightghost

BLITA, that was awesome, I think I'll keep the acoustic in drop d for a while :D Playing Tool & RATM on an acoustic sounds amazing in all my 3 ears! ;p