Monday, September 23, 2013

Aaand we're switching to P90

My body is giving me very clear signals, in the form of muscle soreness from my legs to my neck, that P90X is a little too intense for me. I'll probably need a few days before I can pick up my weights again. I think I had a misconception that anyone could jump into this but you seem to need to be a lot fitter than me to start the program. I was just doing some dumbell workouts for 3 muscle groups and 20 minute heavy interval sessions every 2 days before I started this.
So as soon as my body doesn't feel like pain molded into a person I'm gonna switch to P90. I don't know what I was thinking, if doing my half-assed 3 muscle groups routine everyday instead of leaving a day in between was leaving me sore why did I think an hour workout everyday wasn't going to destroy me lol. I guess I had a little too much faith in the notoriety of the program. It doesn't mean I'm giving up, I'm just using my head!


Rob Pugh said...

Worth remembering w/P90X or P90 or whatever you end up doing, with the follow-along stuff [and you catch them saying it, though maybe not on the first run through] is that all the programs are scaleable, and take breaks & hit pause as required. After doing rounds of X, X+ & X2, I've never, not once, matched and gone rep for rep with the guys and girls on the screen. Takes putting my ego in check, but it makes it functional & workable. Best of luck!

Rob Pugh said...

Oh yeah, as far as the "not fit enough to start" bit, there's a Fit Test in the guide they recommend you do before starting. If you can hit the minimums, you should be okay. Just remember the scaling/pausing.

Unknown said...

Hey Rob thanks! I was scaling my workouts down, doing usually half the reps the people were doing in the vids, and pressing the pause button for more breaks but it still broke me bad haha. I wonder how sore I'll still be tomorrow. I think it's also because my dumbell workouts weren't as well rounded as this and some muscles I probably barely used before.

I didn't see any fit test as I downloaded my version of the program from torrents, but the way I'm feeling now I'm sure I can't do the P90X daily workouts, I found the P90 and will give that a try as soon as the soreness is gone. Thanks for the info man!

Rob Pugh said...

The fit test is in the guide, also you can find it here -