Saturday, September 28, 2013

Grant Morrison's All-Star Superman

 Fear is the sauce on the steak of life!
Don't let Engine Failure hold you back!
 Tiphareth the Solar Fire

 I always write the Superman headlines before they happen

"These things that we’re experiencing right now are sections through time. Everyone here is a section through time. But in actual fact, you’re not experiencing your real body. What is your real body? Your real body is a process. It starts when you’re born, and it moves forward until you die. That is you. Seen from outside, that’s what you look like. You look like a gigantic centipede, spread around all the little things that you always do: up and down through your house, up the stairs, down to the store and back – and it’s a centipede, and it’s us. It starts as a little baby and it comes out of your mother’s womb, and it gets bigger." Grant Morrison

 Take a trip to the sun via the Middle Pillar Ritual or any other means
and see your strength, curiosity, imagination and creativity triple.

Beware that your robot doesn't succumb to visual distortions and extreme paranoid reactions while synthesizing your alien chemicals.

I'm reading everything Grant Morrison has ever done from now on.

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