Saturday, September 28, 2013

Massive Attack - Angel (thanks Figgs!)

One thing I notice all the time is that most people know real well what is the very next choice they can make to be on that path towards becoming whatever it is we wish to become, but we fall short of the path a breathes distance. I wonder which personality that is?

This topic reminds me of the music video for the song by Massive Attack, Angel. In the video, there's this guy who's in a large parking garage at night, and he has creepers steps behind him who he sees over his shoulder.

He gets scared, pacing faster, but at the same time his fears are confirmed by the fact that more and more creepers join the growing crowd keeping up pace behind him. 

He bolts into an all out sprint and is in an all out panic. 

When he slows to a stop to catch his breathe he notices that they all stop too, and watch. 

Then he notices a subtle sign that hints to his mind that all these dudes are pretty much a mere mirror image of himself. 

He steps forward, they step back. 

You see a twinkle in his eye, like fear washed away in that instant. 

Then he charges toward them, and a its like a crowd of a hundred people, all running away from the one guy!

Please tell me how YOU interpret THAT! :) 

like this: I'd interpret that as our courageous reality tunnel intimidated by our other aspects at first, then finally maturing and realizing its power to move people instead of be moved. 

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it... boldness has genius, power, and magic." 
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Unknown said...

Your fears... no matters where you go, they always walk with you until you face them and confront your demons.