Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Spying on innocent people would be wrong

From Brian Bolland's An Innocent Man (featured in Alan Moore's Killing Joke's Deluxe Version - Published in 1988) (Thanks to Rob for correcting, it's not from Year One!)


Rob Pugh said...

I'm going full geek, but I'm pretty sure that's not Miller & Mazzuchelli's Year One. Looks like Brian Bolland's art, but can't place the comic.

Unknown said...

You're right it's also from Killing Joke! Full geek detected! Hehe thanks for catching that. I had taken a last screenshot from Year One I haven't used yet and confused it with this one.

Unknown said...

Year One screenshot was added here:

Btw if you got comments spam, doing anything that requires actual input on a smartphone still sucks imo haha.