Monday, September 30, 2013

All-Star Superman 5 The Gospel according to Lex Luthor

The multi layered symbolism in this issue! Lex Luthor thinks he killed Superman via exposing him to the Sun's radiation. Do the Powers That (think they) Be try to kill most people's chance to walk the path to enlightenment via first, Religion and later the Mainstream Media? The Sun, the Solar Symbolism? The Gospel of Lex. The Father of Lies.

As for me, fiction has been largely responsible for my peace-loving, non-violent rebellion against any oppressive governments and religions, and subsequent 'awakening'. So joke's on you baddies!

"He is often the source of the impulse, or that thing inside of us that responds to it. The Devil's energy is absolutely necessary, absolutely deadly."

In December 1948, Parsons took “the Oath of the Abyss” in a ritual conducted before W.T. Smith. This is tantamount to willingly suffering the “long, dark night of the soul” that is common in artistic and psychological literature. While most occult initiations can be “given,” i.e., passed on through ritual and the laying on of hands or some other appropriate ceremony, the initiatory levels of the “Abyss” and beyond cannot be imposed by human intervention, according to the tradition of the western mystery schools. In this case, all of creation is seen as the Qabalists’ “Tree of Life,” a diagram containing ten spheres connected by twenty-two paths. The top three spheres and the bottom seven spheres are “separated” in this instance by the Abyss, a place where one’s ego is destroyed… or not. If not, then one becomes a “black brother,” or “magician of the left-hand path,” that is, an evil magician and source of pestilence. If one has successfully passed the Abyss, however, then one attains greater spiritual glory.

In other words, Luthor wants to destroy the Superman - his enlightenment - instead of his ego.


While Luthor is explaining himself though, Superman is acting like the clumsy Clark Kent while Luthor is on his little Ego Trip he has no clue it's Superman he's facing, and that Superman even saves him a few times in the meantime.
Look what happens in your world
The Dog Eat Dog world, good thing there's a Superman around, even if you don't realize it.
"Nevermind your glasses."
 It's not really safe down here in the lower circuits, energies, planes... But that's where Luthor's cell is, his glorified prison he likes to rule so much! You want to live don't you Clark? Sure, but like a sun.

You can read this next bit from left to right or from right to left. Superman was talking about the purple (royal) monster but he might just as well be talking about Luthor and all he symbolizes too.

I'll take the liquefying, thanks! 
"The prima materia. The liquid form of the Stone, called the Universal Solvent, dissolves all old forms like a rushing stream, and is the self-organizing matrix for the rebirth of new forms. It is thus a metaphor or model for the dynamic process of transformation, ego death and re-creation." 

 Superman is basically mocking Luthor's narrow little reality tunnel in the most humble way possible, while trying to save Luthor and at the same leading Luthor to thinks he's mocking Clark Kent instead. (Bonus tidbit: Toth the Baboon in a Superman suit)
Or not

"I used the Sun itself, the source of his powers."
Through religion and the media aka solar symbolism.
Yeah, yeah, yadda yadda. You keep trying anyway. 
How about enlightenment... you silly twat.

(Kent in my west-flemish dialect means "I know/have it")
Where to now, Mister Kent?
Anywhere but here, Nasthalthia.
Anywhere but here.

Moon river, wider than a mile
I'm crossing you in style some day
Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker
Wherever you're goin', I'm goin' your way

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