Thursday, September 12, 2013

M a g i - L a b y r i n t h o f M a g i c

Enjoy this post before the (C)opyright dogs come!

this is from episode 25

Alma Toran was once a world ruled by a powerful magician, Solomon. He was a well loved and respected king, and three Magis supported him. At some point, after betrayal of one of Magis, a war exploded where the Magicians and Goi fought each other. They were attacked by the Medium, its Black Djinn and Al-Thamen. In order to fight against them, Solomon's 72 Household Members became Djinn and attacked one after another. In the end, a lot of the people of Alma Toran were left dead. Solomon created a new world, the actual world where the humans live, and the survivors of Alma Toran were settled there.

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