Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Jacques Vallée's Messengers of Deception - Humans posing as Aliens?

This book is amazing, it's like it was written last week. Unbelievable that this was written in 1979, that we still know as little as back then, and that the bullshit cults and belief systems keep springing up. (Here's looking at you Steven Greer & co.)

update: check this post and see this through another reality tunnel, see this phenomenon as ourselves out of time peering through to us in time here and just confusing the hell out of us.

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Excerpt: Foreword to the 2008 Edition: 

Nearly 30 years have elapsed since Messengers of Deception first appeared in the US. Since then, the controversial views it expressed have been vindicated and thrown into sharp focus by shocking events that were reported worldwide. In particular, the stark warning I issued in connection with the HIM cult ("It only costs your life!") appears as unfortunately prophetic in light of the March 97 collective suicide of Heaven's Gate, as the group became known. The mass killings of the adepts of the order of the Solar Temple in Canada, France and Switzerland in 94 illustrated the dangerous form of mind control and the simulation of extraterrestrial contact I first described here in connection with the "Adventures of a Grand Master." The cattle mutilations phenomenon remains unsolved. As for the Raélians, the cult started by Vorilhon whose early lectures in San Francisco are recalled in this book, it has flourished internationally and burst into prominence in recent years with claims of human cloning.

Not only have these issues continued to simmer under the surface while UFO believers basked in their benign expectation of aliens from the stars, but a veritable mass conversion has taken place among the public and the media elite. The belief in extraterrestrial visitation is practically taken for granted among wide section of the population, and especially among the young. While the hypothesis of alien contact is an exciting one, justified on the basis of continuing observerations of unidentified flying objects, it carries the potential for exploitation and manipulation by deceptive groups with their own hidden agenda.
I believe that UFOs are physically real. They represent a fantastic technology controlled by an unknown form of consciousness. But I also believe that it would be dangerous to jump to premature conclusions about their origin and nature, because the phenomenon serves as the vehicle for images that can be manipulated to promote belief systems tending to the long-term transformation of human society.

"Give me the superstitions of a nation, and I care not who makes their laws, or writes their songs!" Mark Twain

From later in the book:
If we are not dealing with space visitors at all, but with powerful imagery projected in order to alter individual belief systems, then the dream-like, hallucinatory nature of the experience begins to make more sense. We could even imagine that the object is a form of natural energy; that close exposure to it triggered the vision; and that the most important question to ask is, what effect do such visions have on the society around the witnesses? Let us not forget that the society in question is badly in need of "space brothers," and has lost much of its faith in the scientific genius of mankind.

Such is the social matrix within we must consider an experience like Helen's abduction. Certain factors combine to suggest we should believe that she was interviewed by space creatures, but all the facts taken together suggest a different, more subtle interpretation: what she thought was a "contact" may have been a symbolic manifestation or a trap. Her "spacemen" may have been messengers of deception.

Witnesses to close encounters with UFOs give reports similar to this one in case after case. The phenomenon involves more than a simple craft using an advanced form of propulsion; it involves a technology that can distort the observer's sense of reality.

Psychic Technologies

We already have human technologies that are both physical and "psychic" (in the sense of influencing the consciousness of an observer). An example of such a technology is given, very simply, by your television set. There is no question that it is physical. You can talk about its size, volume, weight and temperature. But if you turn it on, it will begin to control your awareness in peculiar ways. You will observe scenes that, as far as you can tell, could be either "real" or faked. You may be a witness to an actual crime committed right now, or to something that happened years ago. You may also believe a scene to be absolutely real, when in fact it is actually staged in a studio in Hollywood. Based on what you can observe, you have no way to know the truth, even if you have a nobel prize in physics. Besides, your television set influences you in other ways. It determines what toothpaste you use, how you shave, who you go to bed with, and how you will vote in the next election.

In some respects I think UFOs are similar to television sets. They are physical objects, the products of a technology, bu tthey are also something else: the tools of a major cultural change. I think UFOs are perpetrating a deception by presenting their so-called "occupants" as being messengers from outer space, and I suspect there are groups of people on Earth exploiting this deception. I have written this book because I am concerned with the changes which would be triggered by the belief in an outer-space invasion, real or simulated. In the words of a Brookings Institute report on the cultural impact of extraterrestrial life:

The consequences of such a discovery are presently unpredictable because of our limited knowledge of behavior under even an approximation of such dramatic circumstances. The fundamentalist (and anti-science) sects are growing apace... For them, the discovery of other life would be electrifying.

update: Check out CaM's excellent remarks in the comments section.


CàM said...

I havn't found anything wrong with Steven Greer's movement yet. I'd like to know what your issues with it are. This is a complex issue, it's generally not a case of "it's this" "not that" etc. Greer mostly focuses on the pragmatic effect of hidden technologies, and if you seriously study the likes of Nikola Tesla there is evidence of a cover up in the same sense that cannabis was and still is a threat to established industries - hence the propaganda. That puts The Disclosure Project in a similar category to the Venus Project, effectively.

Unknown said...

Greer said in a Joe Rogan interview that he takes people out to the desert to meditate and attract "something" and that it "always" works (he didn't seem the least bit convinced of it himself while he said it). I guess so more people will pay him the ridiculous amount of money to join him.
I find this not only silly, but potentially dangerous. He claims ALL UFOs/Aliens are completely good and here to help and that all the negative events are done by shadowy human organizations. A sweeping assumption that's also potentially dangerous.

I have a problem with his terrible documentaries, the tiny "alien" bs, and the entire energy he gives off while speaking. The Disclosure project is a lot of noise but it's to me not even relatable to the Venus Project. He doesn't seem genuine to me at all.

He quit his doctor's practice to pursue whatever he's doing now and to me it seems like he's enjoying his new cult figure status. There have been several reports of him using funds for the documentary for his own and fabricating stories.

I think all of this is quite sufficient to distrust him and I have very little to gain by keeping an eye on his 'movement'.

CàM said...

This comment space didn't allow for enough characters for the fairly comprehensive reply I wrote.

Unknown said...

For what it's worth, looking through Grant Morrison's reality tunnel it's quite possible it's just ourselves peering through into reality and Greer's experiments in the desert are completely harmless.

Unknown said...

CaM, I'd like to hear your fairly comprehensive reply. Did you try cutting it up into smaller chunks and posting it over separate comments?

Unknown said...

Aye, otherwise if it takes too much chunking CaM you can e-mail it to dedroidify at hotmail dot com and I'll post it under the text, hope you didn't delete it.

CàM said...

Okay, I'll address each point.

*If the meditation method, which to me makes perfect sense on theoretical grounds (the quantum non-locality relating to consciousness etc) has been 100% successful in some sense (novel phenomena occurring that cannot be accountable by chance or by any other causal force), that's no reason to discount him as simply after money. It could very well be the case that it works because it is based on sound theoretical principles. There is experimental evidence that conscious focus has an impact on random number generators, and the informational content of the group meditation and frequencies they're working with can account for the rest.
Another medical doctor who attended one of the outings/meditations didn't sound very impressed with Dr Greer's comments about seeing certain phenomena that only he seemed to see, but this guy said that some strange phenomena really did occur irrespective.
You can't make a definitive interpretation about the behaviour of Greer while he answered a question, that's called behaviourism and it doesn't work on philosophical grounds. while I sympathize with your judgement, there could be a number of reasons why he displayed the behaviour that he did during the podcast, and each of us will simply project our reality tunnel when making judgments. To me, he looked like someone who realized that he couldn't explain things in a manner that would make sense and realized how it all must be coming across to Joe (sounding pretty crazy as it was outside Joe's reality tunnel, despite Joe's reality tunnel comprising of experiences under psychedelics in which he communicated with an intelligent other).

CàM said...

*From a sociobiological perspective, it is unlikely that a species capable of advanced practical paradigm formulation would still be stuck in the emotional-territorial fear-based mentalities typical of primitive life on earth. If they were they would probably have taken our resources big-oil style already and wouldn't be disarming our nuclear weapons that are mostly aimed at other countries(there are many reports of this having occurred).
I don't buy into the idea that more advanced beings are as primitive sociobiologically as we are, there have never been reports of reliably malicious intentions attributed to sightings, and humans only project their shadow onto such things because that's the level of consciousness ever dominant on this planet. I don't think you could likely be successful in navigating the universe efficiently without having first awakened to some seriously spiritual understanding related to consciousness, how we're all connected fundamentally, and the nature of existence.
In short, I have little sympathy for the idea that some are hostile, because I don't see any evidence and the burden of proof is on the emotional-territorial projectionist.

* The tiny humanoid (Greer calls it a "possible ET") has been examined by a top Stanford University genetics laboratory and so far nothing known can account for the phenotype characteristics which seem to be much different to the genotype characteristics discovered from the material (which is very similar to human DNA). Basically one of the top fully-equipped genetics labs in the world cannot understand it in terms of current genetic science and the research continues. Greer has not once come across as being presumptuous throughout the analysis, and has made some suggestions for what still needs to be considered in terms of genetic variations occurring on this planet. Epigenetics will likely be an interesting field to investigate when it comes to the specimen.

* Sure, the whole energy of Greer on stage seems very cult-like and self-congratulatory, which can give off a negative impression. But there are many things you also have to consider, the guy has a sense of humour and he has apparently been through cancer and lost loved co-workers along the way (to cancer), so one might forgive him for having an emotional cult-like energy at times. Besides that, he's a new-agey kind of guy, so cultivating positive energy is something he's into and he never deviates from seeing the whole thing as a kind of spiritual battle of love vs the sociopathic special interests supposedly keeping the technology under wraps (in any hierarchically organized society with special interests and highly guarded secrecy there is the inevitability of a secret science that is not available to the masses lest it undermine the power structure.

“We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity….. anything you can imagine we already know how to do.”

~ Ben Rich, former Head of the Lockheed Skunk Works

CàM said...

* You are someone who investigates disinformation from time to time, so surely you understand the inevitability of negative discrediting stories coming out about him in order to take peoples focus away from supporting the cause or taking it seriously. Such a thing is inevitable if you're rocking the boat in any sense, especially when you are supposedly dealing with the most elite of all sectors of intelligence communities. There were aspects of the sirius film I found overly silly (like the music they played and some of the other editing sensibilities), but the science appeared legitimate and the focus on freedom and liberty and energy solutions for freeing humanity from the poverty typical of the inequality so rampant, didn't appear illegitimate to me at all.

In short, Greer is human, expect to see some emotion and cult-like appeal from such a huge seeming endeavor that people are paying attention to. I don't think a former emergency doctor who is into vedantic culture is going to be after the money for himself, if anything to cover the huge expenses associated with running such an organisation with enough sophistication to make a difference.

I am completely neutral on this, but so far the science has checked out, there is a testable method with an ipod app containing the protocol for anyone to make use of, and we don't have nearly enough evidence to accuse Greer of things we conveniently might accuse him of without understanding his struggles and reality tunnel in general.

Sometimes when it comes to issues like this, suspending judgement while remaining open to the possibility that it's authentic is the most rational thing to do. It's called "trust, but verify". In any case, only the future will reveal anything more of significance on this issue.

Unknown said...

All excellent points CaM thanks a lot for sharing your reality tunnel! It's very much appreciated! I'm gonna finish this book by Vallée but am gonna look into Greer's stuff a bit more after it for reality tunnel balance.